Help Us Launch Operation DeSmog USA

The more sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a new item in DeSmogBlog's sidebar. It's our big donation button!

There is no doubt that we have caught the attention of US think tanks and well-known climate change deniers like Steve “the Junkman” Milloy, the Heartland Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Senator James Inhofe.

But now we're ready to take our US operations to the next level. Our goals are to increase our research capabilities, hire a Washington insider and enhance our US political and media monitoring.

It's clear that any major cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions cannot happen without strong leadership by the United States. By expanding DeSmogBlog into the US, we can aggressively spread the word on the activities of industry-funded think tanks, associations and global warming deniers that continue to sow doubt about the dire realities of global warming.

We've partnered with the good folks at GiveMeaning to launch our fundraising campaign. If you've enjoyed or learned from our work at DeSmogBlog, and believe that we're making a difference, please consider donating.


According to the GiveMeaning web site, “GiveMeaning™ Projects all have tangible, measurable charitable goals, and only registered charities may be chosen to carry out those goals. When you donate at, you have the comfort of knowing: 100% of all money donated goes directly to charity; and you will receive a tax receipt, as permissible by law (in the U.S. and Canada)” Is DeSmogBlog now a registered charity? If we donate, do we get tax receipts?

When you go to donate on our particular account you will see right at the top that it clearly states:

Tax receipt eligibility:

Tax receipts are not issued for this Project.

Unfortunately, we would never meet Revenue Canada's eligibility for charitable status, due to our need to write on political issues. We are a registered non-profit in British Columbia, but that does not allow us to issue tax receipts. 

Can we make up for it in good karma? 

Subsidising a smear-campaign brings “good karma”? That’s a new one.

Would disagree with you. Our site just keeps on growing in readership and support, so call it what you want.  

Every dollar given to this, ahem, “charity”, is one more dollar not given to real charities, such as United Way, The Salvation Army, The Cancer Society, or The Red Cross.

Something to consider, perhaps?

I was not aware that I was a)spreading garbage; b)that this alleged “garbage”, which I am supposedly “spreading” needs any “battling”; or, c)that it requires any cash to do this “battle”, whatsoever?

Tell ya’ what. Why don’t you just give the money directly to me, and I’ll donate 100% of it to The Canadian Cancer Society – no administration fee, no office expenses, no website, no postage, no T-shirts, and no grandiose bluster. 100%.

In return, I will cease to “spread” the “garbage” which you claim I am doing. That way, everyone is happy, and people will have contributed to a real charity.

Better yet, why not cut out the middle man completely, and donate directly to The Canadian Cancer Society?

Last time I checked no one is forcing you to donate to anyone. So stop streading your garbage and donate your money to what you want, it is yours afterall.

Oh. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up, Carl.

According to Business in Vancouver, James Hoggan and Associates (creator and maintainer of DeSmogBlog) is one of the five largest public relations companies in Vancouver with a swanky office in a tower near the entrance to Stanley Park. Business would appear to be good. If you want to expand the blog, you should do so with your own money – or ask Lefevbre for more cash. Don’t go shilling for donations on a web site designed to collect money for authentic charities. As a PR company, I would have thought you would pay more attention to how this looks.

You’ve got to be kidding me, Michael!

So, as a global warming “skeptic”, would you happen to be a libertarian? (I ask because it seems as though most of these “deniers” are libertarians as well.) If so, then why the heck are you trying to prevent people from donating money to a cause they believe in? If you are a libertarian, then you’re guilty of gross hypocrisy!

Michael pointed out the fact that the activities of are the product of a slick, well-funded PR company, masquerading as a “charity”.

How is that “trying to prevent people from donating money”?

Are you saying people being aware of the true facts will hamper James Hoggan and Associates efforts to solicit money for their (cough-cough!) “charity”?

Shame on you, Michael!

‘Are you saying people being aware of the true facts will hamper James Hoggan and Associates efforts to solicit money for their (cough-cough!) “charity”?’

If you were “aware of the true facts”, you wouldn’t be a climate change “skeptic”.

I understand that you and Al Gore have exclusive franchise on The Truth(tm). Anyone else claiming to have The Truth(tm) is probably in violation of copyright laws.

But, no, as to the fact that the climate tends to change, and probably always will, I’m not skeptical in the least.

“Don’t go shilling for donations on a web site designed to collect money for authentic charities. As a PR company, I would have thought you would pay more attention to how this looks.”

I rather doubt James Hoggan and Associates PR firm really care how this looks.

Clearly, any prospective client need only browse through this web site to get a taste of what kind of “public relations” their money will get them.

If the client needs a PR campaign specializing in ad hominem attacks, sleazy innuendo, ham-fisted libel, and e-mail spam attacks led by phoney Pulitzer Prize winners – well, then they’re in the right place.

Whether they like it or not, is Exhibit A in James Hoggan and Associates’ portfolio. Sure, most people would hide their heads in shame, but then those people aren’t cut out to be PR shills.