Help Write a Title for the First DeSmogBlog Book

The first DeSmogBlog book is far enough along that our publisher is demanding a title, so we’re looking for feedback - and we have three other great climate change books to reward the best responses or suggestions.

The titles we are tentatively considering include:

Climate Science Fiction: Exposing the PR Campaign to Deny Global Warming

Courting Climate Chaos: Exploring the PR Campaign to Deny Global Warming

Fossil Fools: The PR Tactics used to Bamboozle the World about Climate Change

Manufacturing Doubt: Exposing the PR Campaign to Confuse People about Climate Change

Spinning Climate Change: Who Convinced Us to Ignore Global Warming; and How

You Can’t Spin Mother Nature: Exposing the PR Campaign to Deny Climate Change

You can offer criticisms, edits or alternatives in the comment section below or send them directly to me at [email protected]. Again, top three most useful respondents will get a free book.



Fossil Fools:

The PR Tactics used to Bamboozle the World about Climate Change

Mind you, I hadn’t seen the Manufacturing Doubt one. That’s pretty good, but it reminds me a lot of Chomsky, which I guess isn’t a bad thing.

Clouds and Cobwebs: The Global Warming Denial Campaign

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would be my choice.  Makes the deniers sound methodical and deliberate – rather than flakey.  I mean, they ARE flakey (have you seen the article about this year’s Heartland Institute conference in New York?  Enough said), but you want the book to be taken seriously. 

It’s catchy, people know what a smokescreen is, and it’ll help people remember DeSmogBlog.


I suggest “Lies and Ignorance”. 

I do this because of the Chancellor award given for the first time to a science writer, Andy Revkin of the NT Times this year.  They handed out two awards this year, one to Jane Meyer who wrote on what the mainstream journalists take to be their usual beat, i.e. White House skullduggery re torture at Guantanamo, rendition flights, etc, and one to Revkin, for his twenty years worth of reporting on climate. 

What struck me when studying the video of the awards night was that they all looked back to John Chancellor’s great reporting when he was the NBC TV reporter who went to Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas when the National Guard was called out to stop black kids from entering the school.  In ringing tones, one of the speechmakers at the ceremony lauded Chancellor for “dispelling lies and ignorance” with his coverage of the race issue at that time.

In other words, Chancellor took a side.  Race was a polarizing issue if there ever was one, as there were people who believed then that blacks weren’t human enough to be educated beside whites at the same schools. 

When they gave Revkin his award, the ringing tones said he was getting it for sticking to the facts, and “showing respect” to all sides on this “polarizing” issue of climate change. 

I was struck by this, and I tried to imagine Chancellor “showing respect” to people who thought blacks were subhuman, who should be re-enslaved and denied their freedom, as he “stuck to the facts” and reported that “polarizing” issue back then. We’re supposed to show respect to those who perpetrate “lies and ignorance” on climate now, and it’s time it stopped.

At your best, DeSmogBlog seeks to counter the lies and ignorance with truth.  Its something worth doing.

Fossil Fools is pretty damn good. A few other possibilities:

  • Spinning the Planet
  • Merchants of Doubt
  • Clouding the Issue
  • Blowing Smoke
  • Inside the Confusion Factory

It emphasizes the fact that the dissent isn’t righteous, but is unscientific and bogus.

I was thinking of something along the lines of “Science versus Freedom: …” but your suggestion is much better.


Blowing Smoke is very good indeed.  I wonder if we should flesh it out?  How about “Blowing Oil, Blowing Smoke”