Hockey Stick Basher Wegman Under Investigation

Fri, 2010-10-08 15:17Richard Littlemore
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Hockey Stick Basher Wegman Under Investigation

Is Talk of Lawsuit A Trick to Hide His Decline?

George Mason University has confirmed that it is investigating its Professor Edward Wegman, the statistician who was point man in the 2006 political attack on the so-called “hockey stick” graph.

Wegman, who was chair of the National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics, was tapped in ‘06 by Republican representatives Joe Barton and Ed Whitfield to assemble a so-called “expert panel” to critique the famous hockey stick, a graph illustrating a thousand-year temperature record as reconstructed by climate scientists Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes. But Silicon Valley entrepreneur John Mashey has since demonstrated that, rather than convene a group of experts, Wegman tapped a couple of grad students and together they produced a report that was generously plagiarized from Bradley’s own work and then twisted - or just misrepresented - to appear to undermine the hockey stick and its creators.

Now that the authorities are actually looking into this issue, Wegman himself seems to be suggesting that the charges against him are actionable. He told USA Today that “Some litigation is under way.”

Well, none as it would apply to Mashey, who says he hasn’t heard a peep from Wegman - or from anybody’s lawyers - in response to his devastating critique.

Word is that that this is also just the first of several investigations in the offing. It’s clear enough from Barton and Whitfield’s own positions that they were hoping Wegman could wreck a few scientific reputations. As every new work seems to reaffirm the science behind the Mann, Bradley, Hughes hockey stick, it appears the reputation most at risk now is Wegman’s own.

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Here’s how a true professional handles attribution concerns

Mr Bradley? How about you just give Mr Wegman a call. He may be curious why you waited so long but give it a shot.

One I’ve seen is skepticgate.

Apart from the plagiarism angle the fact that the “expert panel” report was cut and pasted by Dr. Wegman and 2 grad students pretty much leaves it in rubble. The only folks who would take the Wegman “Report” seriously now are the die hard Global Warming Deniers.

First of all my grandfather didnt copy any stupid ideas that you nerds would have wished you thought of. If my grandfather plagiarized anyone’s ideas he would have had the proper authority to do so. The only reputation in stake is yours because of your lack of knowledge of subjects and wrongly accusing innocent people. Back off of my grandfather with your accusations.


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