Honda hybrid a no-brainer

Check out Gizmodo's review of the Honda Civic Hybrid. This is a no-brainer new car purchase, at 50 mpg with 140 horsepower, coming in at around $22,000 US ($25,000 CAN). Not to mention the huge savings in gas and tax exemption programs. No wonder Toyota and Honda are doing so well, while the Detroit automakers are still flailing their arms over Hummers and F150's.

For those out there who think going green means going backwards, please tell me where the hair shirt (or in this case seat-covers) is in the Honda hybrid?


The Honda hybrid is an excellent illustration on what can be done when a corporation analyzes the market and builds to address.  The US auto manufactureres still believe the American public wants the big gas guzzlers.  All one has to do to disabuse this theory is to look at the number of cars Japanese names in any parking lot and compare to the American names.

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