Huge Response to DeSmog's "Environment is My Voting Issue in Canada" Facebook Group!

We've had an amazing response in the first 48 hours to DeSmogBlog's new Facebook group called “Environment is My Voting Issue in Canada.”

In the first 48 hours we have had 398 member join - and we haven't even started marketing this group yet!

So if you haven't joined, please do so by clicking here. And if you have, thanks! And please urge all of your friends to join as well. 

This just might be the start of something big! 


I certainly hope it is, too! We all have to keep active on it and see how many people we can get to join. If we can get a few thousand (or even more, hopefully!) to join, that would be fantastic!

We also should stay on message and not favour any individual party, but perhaps offer our own assessments of each party’s merits and deficiencies to help people decide which party will do more to fight global warming and better protect the environment.

Yes, and I know it is early days, but I think the “mission” of the new site needs to be clarified somewhat.

I’m not the political strategist, but I do think that the odds of a minority federal government next election is good. What you want to ensure is that all parties recognize that they might be marginalized if they do not make significant, tangible commitments to environment in their campaigns. You want to make sure that “environment” has a mandate/majority/coalition, regardless of the party in “power”…

Very true. A “Green Coalition” of Liberals, NDP, Bloc (despite my distaste of their separatism, they have a decent environmental platform), and Green Party (if they manage to get anyone elected) members governing in a minority situation would be optimal than to have the Conservatives (global warming “skeptics” or at least members who refuse to take adequate action to mitigate climate change) govern. Therefore, strategic voting is necessary to generate action in combating climate change.

Ah, a clever strategy – now you’re going to vote the climate into submission. Brilliant.

He’s just upset that he broke his ice scraper.
You would think that someone in North Datoka would have more than one scraper.
By the way, currently at 2am (December 23) in Windsor Ontario Canada it is 8 degrees and raining….46 Fahrenheit for your benefit Rob…aka TROLL.

Well, Tom, according to the radar it’s about to start pouring here any minute (thanks for sending it along–NOT!. I see that Windsor has cleared up), and the temperature is +2C going to a high of +9C (35.6F & 48.2F). Regional normals for late December are in the range -14C to -5C (7F to 23F). We’ve gone as high as 11.1C (51.98F,1957) and as low as -28.9C (-20.02F, 1943) on 23 December. Alas, the predicted rain, “heavy at times” through the day and part of the night, will make a serious dent in the snow base laid down over the past ten days, a total of about 76cm (30in). Come to think of it, my own ice scraper got buried somewhere under snowfall no. 2 last week. Maybe I’ll find it today.

I am giving you this level of detail not because I think it says anything about AGW in its particulars, but because it is the WEATHER REPORT & data for a single 24 hour period at a specific location. It is not proof positive of AGW or anything else. This 24-hour period will become part of the statistical record that will say something about the climate when the all of the accumulated data over a period of time is analysed. THAT’S how climate is studied.

You know this, Tom, and I know it. But Rob still seems to be incapable of distinguishing between weather and climate. Grasping this very basic distinction is beyond the ken of the category of deniers that constantly brays “They can’t predict what it will be like next week let alone five (50, 500 …) years from now.” I would like to think that the light will eventually dawn in their wee brains, but I am beginning to think that it is something in the wiring that makes it impossible.

I can hear the rain in the tin roof, just starting.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Windsor will drop to -7 deg C tonight.

Based on computer models, at the present rate of cooling, Windsor will be in an Ice Age by Thursday.

The science is settled.

Some of us don’t have the benefit of “normal” working hours.
We don’t tend to use Environment Canada here in Windsor.
For us, the Americans are far more accurate.
NOAA says 37F…not much of an “Ice Age”…

Only a denieralist would dare question the scientific consensus. And only a real denierificationalist would cite a US weather agency. Anybody would know that their data is suspect, due to their cozy relationship with the Bushitler regime. Where do you think NOAA gets their funding? That’s right, from the US Federal Government – which, as we already know is run by the war criminal Dick Cheney and his buddies at Exxon.

All you have to do is look it up in The Denieralist Database(tm)

P.S. Sorry, Tom, I didn’t realise shopping mall security guards worked that late.

That certainly was quite the profound rant.
Sorry, I’m not a mall security guard. But it is a far more honourable profession than TROLL

So now you’re denying you are a shopping mall security guard.

Not only that, but you say that being a security guard is not an honourable job. That’s pretty rich, coming from a pizza delivery boy.

Actually, Tom, I’m the Rob from North Dakota (not Bismarck, however) who runs Say Anything. I don’t know who this other Rob is, and I hadn’t even heard of desmogblog until today when one of the other readers here emailed me saying that I’d been posting here.

I’m a bit flattered that you’d think I was the Rob posting here as, from what I’ve read, he seems like a rather smart and level-headed sort of guy, but he’s not me.

Sorry to burst your bubble. If you want proof, my email is [email protected] You can email me there and I’ll respond.

Funny that the very first post “Rob” made here was an exact copy of one of your blog posts, Rob, complete with inaccuracies about temperatures.

are you drunk?

Your remarks are even more bizarre than usual. What possible point can you be trying to make by speculating on Tom’s occupation?