Inconvenient Truth stirs controversy in Seattle suburb

The school board in Federal Way, Washington, south of Seattle, has restricted showings of Al Gore’s film on global warming and said it must be balanced with a sufficient opposing viewpoint.

An Associated Press article in the Vancouver Sun said the board also required the school superintendent to approve when Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, can be presented.

The decision followed complaints from parents who said their child was taking the film as fact after viewing it at school.

“Condoms don't belong in school, and neither does Al Gore,” said a parent of seven who doesn't want the film shown at all. “He's not a schoolteacher.”

The board president said he'd received about a half-dozen complaints from parents. None of the board members who voted for the restrictions has seen Gore’s film.


I read this story elsewhere. Nobody complaining seems to have seen the film, either. And half of the objection seems to be related to religion – the earth is 12,000 years old, etc. One lady says something like, “If all they say in the movie is ‘America bad, America bad’ then I don’t think kids should see it.” I wonder what review of the movie she read. What a weird place/state of mind!

I am so glad to see that our children’s future is the fate of such people!! The board should be fired for bending to the whims of a half-dozen religous zealots who think dinosaurs roamed the earth 600 years ago.

It’s funny that these people are sometimes referred to as “dinosaurs” …… one day they will be oil too

Al Gore’s movie is not that good. He is manipulating way too much. Most viewers get the wrong idea about global warming after watching the movie.

Real climate is mentioning my first point about +10C but than disagrees that it is a manipulation.

Gore had the IPCC data, he just wanted people to think things will be much worse than are projected by scientists.

Not mentioning the IPCC numbers is, in my opinion, dishonest.

Could you be more specific? I took my girlfriend’s daughter to the movie and you know what? She learned a lot. For example, from school (or wherever she first learned about global warming) she got the idea that ozone depletion was the primary cause of global warming. What wrong ideas did she likely get from the movie? What is the basis for your statement? Thanks.

I’m sure that you can find the list of mistakes on google. My 2 biggest complaints are: The people that watch the movie get the impression that the temperatures will rise by 10C in 2100. He doesn’t directly lie, he just shows the graph of CO2/temperatures and says there is a correlation. It wouldn’t be as spectacular to say that temperatures will rise by 1.5-4.5C. People that watch the movie also think that the sea levels will rise by 6m. Gore makes a nice graphical presentation and appeals to the emotions “imagine an impact of 100 million refugees”. The truth - around 0.2 m, the worst scanarion is 0.4m.

Pigou, Gore says 10 F (which is equivalent to the upper bound, 5.8 C), not 10 C. Gore also says that if the Greenland ice or West Antarctic ice should melt, sea levels would rise 6 m (20 ft). He never mentioned that this would occur by 2100.

You’re completely off base here, Pigou.

Mr. Berg I’m not making things up.

Read the text from RealClimate:
“Simply extrapolating this correlation forward in time puts the temperature in 2100 A.D. somewhere upwards of 10 C warmer ”
Viewers get that impression by viewing the chart Gore presented while not telling the real IPCC data.

Yes, Gore never said that Greenland will melt by 2100.. He manipulates the viewer into thinking that. He never says: “there is no way this will happen anytime soon” so the viewer thinks this is a real warning.