Insider says all not well at ABC over Swindle decision

Australian newspaper, The Age, is reporting the inside scoop on the internal battles at ABC Australia over its decision to air shock-u-mentarian Martin Durkin's “Great Global Warming Swindle.” 

According to one website, the head of Factual Entertainment for ABC flew to London to personally apologize to Durkin for the “rough treatment” he received from ABC Lateline host Tony Jones who was in London last week doing a pre-taped interview to be aired after the Swindle.

(Can someone please get the Jones/Durkin interview up on YouTube!).

In a rundown of the Durkin interview, the “rough treatment” came when Jones reportedly pressed Durkin  hard on the use of his now infamous “sunspot graph” that conveniently ends at 1980, when the apparent correlation between solar activity and temperature ends.

Of course, Durkin's graph is made all the more inaccurate with the release of a study this week providing yet more evidence that the link between current warming trends and solar activity is incorrect.