Instituto Liberdade

Instituto Liberdade


Instituto Liberdade is an independent Brazilian non-profit think tank based in Tecnopuc, Porto Alegre, in Southern Brazil. Instituto Liberdade began as “Instituto Liberal do Rio Grande do Sul” in 1986 and was renamed Instituto Liberdade on May 11, 2004. [1]

Instituto Liberdade describes its purpose (PDF) as to “foster the research, creation, and dissemination of educational and cultural assets displaying the advantages to all individuals of an organized society, based on the principles of individual rights, of limited and representative government, of respect for private property rights, contracts, and the free initiative. It supports multi-disciplinary theorists and intellectual entrepreneurs who endeavor to produce analyses or policy recommendations. It supports the rule of law, government decentralization, the free-market economy, and cultural freedom according to the principles of the Austrian School of Economics.” [2]

Stance on Climate Change

The Instituto Liberdade does not list an official statement regarding its stance on climate change. It has published exclusively skeptical news articles from numerous think tanks that dismiss the existence of man-made climate change.


According to their website, Instituto Liberdade is funded primarily by private contributions of individuals and institutions. [1]

Key People

Board of Directors

According to their website, as of May, 2012: [3]

  • Henri Siegert Chazan — President. Member of Mont Pèlerin Society.
  • Margaret TseCEO and Public Policy Expert. Member of Mont Pèlerin Society.
  • Mathias K. Rodrigues — Chief Finance Officer.
  • Daniela Tumelero — Vice President.
  • Leandro Gostisa —Vice President.
  • Jorge Antônio Dib — Vice President.
  • Paulo Uebel — Vice President.
  • Ricardo Santos Gomes — Vice President - NEVM.
  • Claudio Teitelbaum — Vice-President.
  • Gustavo Lepnitz Ene — Vice-President.
  • André Buneder — Vice-President.
  • Gabriel Barbosa — Vice-President.
  • Emiliano Gasque Rosenfield — Vice-President.

Academic Council

  • Ademar Xavier     
  • Carlos Fernando Souto     
  • Leônidas Zelmanovitz — Member of Mont Pèlerin Society.
  • André Burger



Instituto Liberdade has been a regular sponsor of the Heartland Institute's International Conferences on Climate Change. Most recently, they are a registered as a “Silver Sponsor” of the Heartland Institute's Seventh International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7). [4]

They have also been a co-sponsor of the Sixth, Fourth, Third, and Second ICCCs. [5], [6], [7], [8]

Related Organizations

Instituto Liberdade regularly republishes articles form other prominent conservative think tanks including the Heartland Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Climate Realists, The Independent Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, the Sustainable Development Network, the Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change, and numerous others.

International Partners

The following is a list of Instituto Liberdade's most notable “International Sponsors and Partners”: [9]

In 2004, Instituto Liberdade joined Liberal Network for Latin America - RELIAL, a network of think tanks and parties involved in research on public policies, which represents, divulges and implements ideas of classic liberalism, standing its ground in Latin America.


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