Is DiCaprio the next Al Gore?

Al Gore has done an amazing job raising the awareness of global warming to a level that it rightly deserves. The global warming deniers who frequent DSBlog can say all they want about Gore, but most of what they say only makes them look more idealogical and desperate than they already are.

What Gore has done, is communicate in a very compelling way, to a very large number of people, the overwhelming scientific evidence telling us that global warming is happening, human activities are to blame and we should all be very concerned about the outcomes.

Now it looks like another heavyweight in the art of communication will be joining Gore's efforts in a serious way. Check out Leonardo DiCaprio's trailer for his new film, The 11th Hour, debuting this month at the Cannes Film Festival.


Video is okay, but the “save the planet for future generations” message is meaningless and overdone. Too much of a soft sell and DiCaprio lacks credibility, unlike Gore.

Agreed, but DiCaprio has credibility with a generation that Gore does not. The 'save the planet' message is getting old, but the language he uses to describe climate change and the solutions is very fine tuned.

My point exactley. Finely tuned yes. He plays a Stradivarius when he should be playing electric guitar and bongos. Like and respect his passion, but it feels plastic in delivery.

Should have more of a “The Beach” flavour? Maybe, I guess the proof will be in the pudding. It is debuting at Cannes, probably can't get a better start than that.

he should also look into idea of polar cities. google the term. Wiki it. it is already 11:55 pm, past the 11th hour!