Is ExxonMobil following you on Twitter?

Mon, 2008-07-28 13:09Kevin Grandia
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Is ExxonMobil following you on Twitter?

Seems even ExxonMobil is catching the micro-blogging fever on Twitter.

Julie a “Community Evengilist at ExxonMobil Corp.” writes:

Hi there, I'm Janet, one of a few Community Evengilist [sic] at ExxonMobil Corp. I'm here to answer any of questions from this twitter community.”

So far, like most of the entries on Twitter, the messages on the ExxonMobil account have been benign, but I think anyone who has a Twitter account could ask some tough questions, like the one I posed today:

Hi Julie, welcome to Twitter. Just wondering how much ExxonMobil is paying out this year to organizations who deny the realities of climate change.”

I'll let you know what she says. Someone else posted this crazy video on ExxonMobil's Twitter account. 

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the reply:
hi @kgrandia & @sheagunther, we do give money to groups. In 2007, we gave out $3.8 billion to Worldwide Environmental Organizations!


Total corporate giving at ExxonMobil last year was $206 million, with $6.6 labeled as “environment group.”

Unless Exxon has some do-gooder slush fund, I think the $3.8 billion may be a little off.

with $6.6 (million) labeled as “environment group.”

I think planting ‘green’ astroturf groups can become pricey.

Why are you calling her julie, when she says her name is janet?

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The “realities” of “climate change”? Are you insane in the membrane? Climates change all the time, which is why we don’t have dinosaurs roaming around right now. Climates change all the time, didn’t you see the History Channel documentary about the “little ice age”? The “reality” you speak of is imaginary. The “reality” you speak of is reverse astrology. Instead of every moment of our lives being affected by the Heavens, every moment of our lives effect the Heavens.

ExxonMobil is on Twitter. I almost feel bad for Julie.

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