It's Not Just Wall Street that Needs a Bail-Out!

The rapid rise in emissions means the world could warm faster than previously predicted, said professor Barry Brook, director of the Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability at the University of Adelaide in Australia. He said CO2 concentrations could hit 450 ppm by 2030 instead of 2040 as currently predicted.


What are we doing? What is to become of our children?

Our children’s future is being mortgaged and put at risk by leaders in my not-so-great generation of elders. Is there no end to arrogance and adamant avarice of the greedy kings of wealth concentration, their bought-and-paid-for politicians, their many minions in the mass media?

Somehow the children have got to find effective ways of communicating about threats to human wellbeing that are being perpetrated before our eyes by self-proclaimed “Masters of the Universe” among us.

Good and able young people are not saying loudly, clearly and often enough what they know to be true……..not speaking truth to power.

Many too many politicians are posing for the public and pandering to those with great wealth; too many investment brokers are devising economic bubbles and pyramid schemes, skimming millions for themselves……..”breaking” the financial system and threatening the real economy; and the mass media has been turning a blind eye to the entire mess.

Such woefully inadequate leadership needs to be named, shamed and replaced.

Perhaps young people will stand up, remain standing, and speak out loudly, clearly and often about what they see and know to be happening.

Our children could soon be confronted with an economic and/or ecological wreckage of an unimaginable kind; but, because so many people are not reasonably, sensibly and responsibly communicating with one another now, the chances for taking the measure of certain ominously looming economic and ecological challenges and finding adequate solutions to them appear to be diminishing day by day.

Perhaps there are at least three questions worthy of consideration by young people and their elders today.

Is it possible that the wondrous planetary home we inhabit was given unto the stewardship of humankind simply for the purpose of allowing the greediest people on the planet to fulfill their unending wishes and insatiable desires, come what may for a good enough future for their own children, coming generations, billions of less fortunate people in the family of humanity, global biodiversity, Earth’s body and environment? Are the greedy kings of wealth concentration and power politics, who consume, possess and hoard a lion’s share of the world’s wealth, the only people who matter? Are the selfish among us, the ones who are being “bailed out” this week despite their unbridled avarice and obscene behavior, supposed to be source of our primary concern?

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
established 2001,

Young people have energy and if you’re going to have a grass roots movement to overthrow the current thinking, it’s the way to go.

Lets see a demonstration of young people power. Can we at least see a million kid march on the Washington mall with a bunch of Obama signs or something?

not that it would change anything but you have to start somewhere. Can you at least get these kids together for a one time march to make some headlines?

lets see something happen more than just talk

It’s either a massive bailout, or the US goes into a Greater Depression than has ever been seen. That’s the warning given. All the ingredients for a massive depression are present, just like it was in 1928. Do you want that? Millions starving and freezing to death?

Besides, if they did not bail the system out and we did go into a massive depression you people would be the first to cry “why did you not bail the system out!”

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Let’s see where have I heard this before? Roll tape please, “We do not want the next warning to be a mushroom cloud.” Repeat often, stir, mix, add in more transfer of power to the executive. Presto! You now have the Imperial Presidency.

So we should just let the economic system collapse? I see another large bank just got taken over by the government becuase it was on the verge of collapse.

“Washington Mutual Inc., which was seized by regulators late Thursday in the biggest U.S. bank failure to date.”

As has been pointed out, people’s savings are in these companies. Retirees need these companies to stay alive.

Whether this bail out actually works we will have to see, but they cannot just stand by and do nothing.



The worst thing 450 ppm CO2 would do is make me cut my grass more often.

Get a grip.

thats just about enough reason for me to become an eco warrior. I hate yard work! Lets send some bonbers to china and start targetting their coal powerplants with daisy cutters! Stop the warming!