James Glave

James Glave is a writer, author, and self-described “culdesactivist” with 16 years of journalism experience under his belt. From 2000 to 2005, he worked as a senior editor with Outside magazine, editing and producing feature profiles of leading scientists and environmentalists. Prior to that, he worked as an editor with Wired News – the pioneering digital technology news service affilliated with Wired magazine.

Glave now lives with his family on a small island off Vancouver, B.C., where he focuses his writing and consulting work on local strategies and solutions to global challenges. For the past year, he has been building a sustainably-designed writing studio in his front yard – the subject of his forthcoming book, ALMOST GREEN. The book is a story about how a driven, cash-strapped, bleary-eyed stay-at-home-dad learns when to dig in his heels, when to make sacrifices, and when to make bitter compromises. It is an adventure of challenge and change, a fumbling one-man quest to reinvent suburbia, one cul-de-sac at a time.

ALMOST GREEN will be released in Canada by Greystone Books (August 08), and in the United States by Skyhorse Publishing (September 08).