Jim Hoggan talks Climate Cover Up with Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio

One of my favorite Air America shows is Ring of Fire with Robert F. Kennedy and Mike Papantonio, so it was very cool when they had DeSmog co-founder Jim Hoggan on to talk about his new book Climate Cover-Up this weekend.


Part 2:


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Jim, great to see the book getting so many great reviews. Congrats to you and all the DeSmog team.

Just added a link to a discussion over at CBC that is now running 1754 comments, so many in fact that the thread got mentioned on the National.

Keep up the good work guys, we need all the sandbags we can get to stem the tide of denial.

Great news today! Canada’s environment minister announced that their will be no action on Global waring for get this, “at least a few years”!!!

That in effect means that Global warming is toast as a theory! So global warming has three years to actually produce some warming and some cause and effects therof. If it can’t do that do you really think the next world meeting will produce any kind of a deal?

Global warming has been debunked enough times now that the politicians have taken notice. If it really was such a dire and urgent problem do you really think they would do nothing? Just let the maldives and manhattan sink into the ocean, let kids roast in the desert. Not something any politican will hang his hat on. They are convinced nothing will happen! What has occured is that the lack of science has caught up with global warming and world leaders know it. It’s time for global warmers and their disciples to get on to the next big scare. 2012 is the cool world ending scare now, get with the times!

is that Canada is taking some action (however feeble) to reduce emissions:

“At the same time, Canada is pursuing a continental climate change accord with the U.S. that would include a cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions.

That must be completed before Canada tables any regulations to dictate how much Canadian companies will need to cut their own emissions, Prentice said.

“I think it is in our interest as Canadians to ensure that we know what the international framework is going to look like. Our continental framework needs to be consistent with that. And our domestic policies need to be consistent with that,” he said.

The Conservative government has promised to cut Canada’s emissions by 20 per cent below 2006 levels by the year 2020. Prentice said he’s optimistic that despite these delays, Canada will still meet that target.”

I find it offensive that you give yourself the name of a true leader and saver of this lives.

I just heard Jim’s interview on The Current. It was excellent.

Then Anna Maria talked to the guy with the database of climate scientists and their publications, whose name I did not catch, but who has done a lot of useful work.

Then I feared she would ruin it by interviewing Lawrence Solomon next, but every time he tried to stickhandle a conspiracy theory she would slam him into the boards (figuratively speaking, folks, don’t get excited), so it was fun.

Edited to add: That show is on the website now:

It should be available in their archives tomorrow. Also tomorrow, Jim Prentice is going to be on The Current.