Joe Bastardi

Joe Bastardi


  • Bachelor's degree, meteorology, Penn State University (1978). [1]


Joe Bastardi is a weather forecaster and climate change skeptic. He worked for AccuWeather from 1978 until 2011 when he joined WeatherBELL Analytics LLC where he now works with Joseph D'Aleo, the climate change skeptic who founded

WeatherBELL offers an industry specific package (PDF) for “energy companies, hedge funds, or related businesses,” which includes “daily videos produced by” Bastardi, a “daily interpretation” from Bastardi of NOAA's report, forecasts, and a weekly web conference call with Bastardi.

AccuWeather previously worked with the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), a group that strongly opposed greenhouse gas reduction policies when it was active. GCC disbanded in 2002.

Bastardi is also a Senior Advisor at the American Tradition Institute (ATI), a group denounced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for contributing to an “environment that inhibits the free exchange of scientific findings and ideas.” [2], [3]

Stance on Climate Change

“We will get our answer in the next 20 to 30 years. And we don't have to panic. We don't have to rush around because if I'm right, the earth's temperature is going to cool a degree to a degree and a half Fahrenheit the next 20 to 30 years. And if it does, then that's a game, set, match. You know [CO2] is not the driver that people say.” [4]

Key Quotes

Referencing the Heartland Institute's Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, July 7-9, 2014, in Las Vegas, Bastardi writes:

“So what strikes me most about the Heartland Conference is that I am with people that are in love with weather, climate, and their country, and many of them have loved these longer and stronger than I have.

For me, above all, my stances on global warming are a product of my love for the weather. There is no goal for me. It’s about having another chance to do what I was made to do. And somehow, when I’m with people who I sense have the same ideas, it makes me stronger and more able to run toward what I was made for.

As one gets older, one can get tired. But only when your heart gives out does your strength give in. For me, all this is an affair of the heart.

Its for the love of the weather.” [19]

Following the release of the White House's National Climate Assessment Report, Joe Bastardi appears on Tom Sullivan's Fox News Radio to offer his thoughts on the report on May 6, 2014:

“I think it’s just yet another piece to cause confusion and I think that the ‘so-called scientific debate’ is very silly now–It’s like a bunch of theologians arguing over how many angels you can stick on the head of a needle. When you’ve got a side that changes from global warming, global warming, global warming to climate change, which is intuitive—the climate has always been changing since the beginning of time—and then just begins to claim every answer is the correct answer, you often stand back, and I don’t care who you are, you have to question as to what the real motive is in this.” [18]

“How do these people have any credibility? How do they get away with this?  It's mind boggling that its gotten to a point where the EPA is dictating policy based on what is an obvious fraud, or if you want to be gentle about it, creates enough doubt to back off.” [5]

“Common sense dictates that a trace gas needed for life on the planet would not be the cause for destroying life on the planet. Common sense dictates that what has happened before without man can happen again with man. Common sense would dictate that you not believe me, or any one else, but go look for YOURSELF.” [6]

CO2 cannot cause global warming. I'll tell you why. It doesn't mix well with the atmosphere, for one. For two, its specific gravity is 1 1/2 times that of the rest of the atmosphere. It heats and cools much quicker. Its radiative processes are much different. So it cannot – it literally cannot cause global warming.” [11]

According to Bastardi,  human-induced climate change “contradicts what we call the 1st law of thermodynamics. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. So to look for input of energy into the atmosphere, you have to come from a foreign source.” [12]

“The coming cooling of the planet overall will return it to where it was in the ’60s, ’70s, and '80s.” [14]

Fox News Appearances

Joe Bastardi has repeatedly appeared on Fox News and other news networks to discuss his views on climate change.

Media Transparency reported on how Bastardi has “who is a weather forecaster, not a climate researcher, has made inaccurate claims about climate science on multiple occasions…” [7]

A sample of his appearances on Fox:

  • [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 9/09/09]
  • [Fox Business Network, Imus in the Morning, 12/11/09]
  • [Fox Business Network, Cavuto, 12/11/09]
  • [Fox Business Network, Cavuto, 2/09/10]
  • [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 2/22/10]
  • [Fox Business Network, Imus in the Morning, 2/26/10]
  • [Fox Business Network, Imus in the Morning, 7/2/10]
  • [Fox Business Network, Cavuto, 12/13/10]
  • [Fox Business Network, Follow the Money, 2/1/11]
  • [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 2/2/11]
  • [Fox Business Network, Cavuto, 4/28/11]
  • [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 4/28/11]
  • [Fox News, Your World With Neil Cavuto, 5/25/11]
  • [Fox Business Network, The Tom Sullivan Show, 5/28/11]
  • [Fox Business Network, FOX Business, 6/16/11]
  • [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 7/6/11]
  • [Fox Business Network, FOX Business, 7/21/11]
  • [Fox News, Fox & Friends Saturday, 8/6/11]

ThinkProgress offers a debunking of some of Bastardi's clips as a climate change “expert” in an article titled “Joe Bastardi is 'Completely Wrong' and ‘Does Not Understand the Very Basics of the Science', Climatologists Explain.”

According to Media Matters, Bastardi has repeatedly misinformed the Fox News audience. Bastardi has gone as far as stating that global warming “Contradicts” The 1st Law Of Thermodynamics[8]

Kerry Emanual, an atmospheric scientist at MIT, spoke with Media Matters via e-mail:

“I might point out that Bastardi's background is in weather forecasting, not climate science. Asking him to comment on the science of climate change is rather like asking a country doctor to comment on the latest developments in biomedical research. The media really ought to know better.”

Discussing statements made by Bastardi from multiple Fox appearances, Keith Seitter, the Executive Director of the American Meteorological Society stated, “I have not seen Mr. Bastardi on these programs, but several components of the quotes you provide are scientifically incorrect.”

NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt added: “Bastardi is attempting to throw out 150 years of physics.” Physicist Richard Muller added, “He seems very confused.” [13]

Key Deeds

April, 2016
TV presenter and science advocate Bill Nye “the Science Guy” challenged Joe Bastardi to two $10,000 bets: One that 2016 would be one of the top ten hottest years on record. He also bet Bastardi that the current decade would the hottest on record (Nye was responding to this November 2015 from Bastardi, published in the Patriot Post). [28]

Bill Nye quotes American author Upton Sinclair, who once wrote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Video below. [22][23]

April 12, 2016

Joe Bastardi was a guest at an LDC Gas Forum in Atlanta where he spoke on a panel discussion on “natural gas and how the weather will affect the natural gas industry in 2016.” [24]
November 10, 2015
Joe Bastardi spoke at an LDC Gas Forum in Toronto, Canada, where the agenda says he would be “looking ahead to coming years and decades[…] based on overall climate cycles.” [25]
According to photos on the official Flickr page, the event’s sponsors included Barclays, BP, Enbridge, Shell, Statoil, and J.P.Morgan.[26]

March, 2015

Joe Bastardi is one of several climate change skeptics cc'd on an email from S. Fred Singer in hopes of countering the documentary film “Merchants of Doubt,” which exposes the network of climate change skeptics and deniers trying to delay legislative action on climate change.  

The October, 2014 email was leaked to journalists before the documentary was released. “Can I sue for damages?” Singer asked in the email. “Can we get an injunction against the documentary?”

InsideClimate News reports in their article “Leaked Email Reveals Who's Who List of Climate Denialists,” how “Many of those copied on the email thread, such as Singer and communications specialist Steven Milloy, have financial ties to the tobacco, chemical, and oil and gas industries and have worked to defend them since the 1990s.” [21]

InsideClimate News also documented all those who were cc'd on the email, including the following skeptics and groups:

DeSmogBlog covered the emails here: “Merchants of Doubt Film Debuts, Textbook Denial Attack Campaign Led By Fred Singer Ensues” and DeSmogBlog also archived a full copy of the Singer email thread (PDF)

December, 2014
Joe Bastardi was a speaker at the 13th annual coal trading conference's luncheon event in New York, which attracted a $2k sponsorship offer from the organizers. [27]

August 17, 2014

Joe Bastardi appeared on Wall Street Journal Live to speak about the upcoming 2014-2014 winter forecast. During his interview, he states the weather is “flowing along right now into the type of El Nino situation that is notorious for giving the United States cold, snowy winters, especially in the eastern part of the United States, relative to the averages. That would be significant because we were within one power plant last year of having the grid overload … This year, if you get the kind of winter that we had in 2009-2010 or 2002-2003 with the nation’s grid on the ropes the way it is and some of these regulations that I hear about coming down that are supposed to close plants on January 1st – and what I know, because we’re involved in getting people ready to fight snow in cities around the country – this could be a very, very big economic impact on the winter. And we’re very concerned about that.” [20]

See Joe Bastard on Wall Street Journal Live, below:

July 7 - 9, 2014

Joe Bastardi was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas, Nevada. [20]

DeSmogBlog has done in-depth research on the other speakers and sponsors from Heartland's ICCC9, which can be found here.

September, 2013
In September 2013, the National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA) paid Bastardi to appear at its Fall Meeting in Denver, Colorado. According to notes from an NCTA directors meeting, obtained from a Google search, Bastardi would “discuss why hurricane season is not a result of CO2 emissions.” [29]
At the meeting, according to a Google cache of his speech, Bastardi also told the audience that human-caused climate change was a “scam.” [30]
He went on to describe climate change as a “morphed political movement” full of “Goebelinskyites.” These “Goebelinskyites,” Bastardi's notes explain, were a group crossed between Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and community organiser Saul Alinsky.  [30]
Bastardi told the audience: “Besides, let’s simply watch temperatures. […] lines are drawn in sand pretty clearly.” [30]
March 19, 2013

May 21 - 23, 2012

Joe Bastardi was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's Seventh International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7).

DeSmogBlog researched the co-sponsors behind Heartland's ICCC7 and found that they had collectively received over $67 million from ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers and the conservative Scaife family foundations.

At the end of the conference Joseph Bast revealed that the Heartland Institute has no plans for future ICCCs.

November 29, 2010

Bastardi posted a video on AccuWeather with the potentially libelous caption, “Is the US NSIDC cooking the ice books? Sure looks that way if one is looking at all sites.”

AccuWeather took the video down on December 5. Joe Romm of ClimateProgress had posted on the topic the same day, and had asked the NSIDC to respond. NSIDC scientist Julienne Stroeve had this to say to Romm:

“One problem with Joe Bastardi’s comparison is that with the JAXA data  set he’s comparing to the 2006 line, not 2007.  In JAXA, this year is a bit below 2007 right now (though there’s some missing data).

“It's important to remember that different sites use different algorithms (methods to derive sea ice from the raw data), different cutoffs of concentration (15% vs 30%), and sometimes different sensors (SSM/I vs AMSR-E). Studies that compare different algorithms have repeatedly found that differences between algorithms can be large.  Generally, the largest differences are found in summer, with differences of more than ± 20 %. In winter, differences between the different algorithms are usually less than ± 10 %. No single algorithm has been found to be clearly superior under all conditions. The differences between satellite-derived estimates of sea-ice extent and so-called ground-truth observations are of similar magnitude. Nevertheless, while the absolute differences between algorithms and between with non-passive-microwave data sets are relatively large, they are generally constant over time.

“Hence, trends in sea-ice extent that are estimated from different algorithms agree much more closely than do the absolute values of extent. Hence, trend estimates  provide a rather high level of confidence in estimates of sea ice change and variability. In terms of absolute values, estimates of total sea-ice extent are more reliable than estimates of sea-ice area. For the former, a certain concentration threshold (often 15% ice cover) is defined, and the size of any grid cell covered by more ice than this threshold contributes fully to total sea-ice extent. For ice area, however, only the truly ice-covered fraction of each grid cell contributes, giving rise to higher uncertainty.

“Finally, it seems Joe Bastardi is unclear as to how standardized anomalies are derived. Standardized anomalies are not the same thing as anomalies, which is defined by the actual deviation from the mean (climatology for that day or month). A standardized anomaly is further divided by the climatological standard deviation for that day/month. When seasonal variations are present within a set of data, it is often helpful to express the data in terms of standardized anomalies. They generally provide more information about the magnitude of the anomalies because influences of dispersion have been removed.” [16]

September 20, 2010

Bastardi predicted that Arctic Sea Ice extent would return to 2005 levels, claiming at the time, “We are going to recover dramatically here with a cold that is coming over the next 9 to 12 months!” [15]

This forecast, like many of his other assertions, proved false.



According to a search of Google Scholar, Joe Bastardi has not published any articles or research in peer-reviewed journals on any subject.


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