Joe Manchin Loves Coal, Hates Climate Legislation, Proves It With Guns

West Virginia Democratic Senate Candidate Joe Manchin, the current governor who is running in a tight race to fill the vacancy left by the death of Senator Robert Byrd, really loves dirty coal. No really, like a lot. So much so that he brandishes a firearm in a new campaign TV spot to “take aim” at (already deader than a door nail) climate legislation. 

Either Mr. Manchin doesn’t realize that the cap-and-trade bill he slugs in the ad has been dead for months, or he doesn’t care and just wants to shoot a gun at some legislation in a TV ad to appeal to his NRA backers. 

“I’ll take dead aim at the cap-and-trade bill,” Manchin says while firing a bullet from his rifle. “Because it’s bad for West Virginia.” 

Watch it:

The New York Times Green blog wonders:
“Exactly what more Mr. Manchin can do to appear pro-coal, short of grabbing a pickax and heading down into the mines himself, remains to be seen.” 

With the endorsement of Massey Energy’s Don Blankenship and the West Virginia Coal Association, it looks like Joe Manchin is a one-shot cowboy, hitching his hopes for a Senate seat on an all-out blitz to maintain West Virginia’s deadly and dangerous coal addiction.


And YOU Joe Manchin are bad for humanity. You have a small mind.

It has become all to clear that the US experiment with democracy has gone bad. Money ensures power and the small folk get trampled all the time. The US mainstream media (with help from the global orifices of NewsCorp) ensures that many of these small folk don’t realise who is trampling on them they being distracted by the need to make ends meet whilst employed on a number of low grade jobs and running around the consumer treadmill after the next cool toy for them or their kids.

Manchin and Co. are nothing but snake-oil salesmen trained in magic - they know how to use distraction to pull off the trick. It is the trick that his hidden whilst the US economy continues in decline, a decline accelerated by the deprecating of science.

As James Hansen succinctly argues, cap and trade will not work and is not a threat to big energy, which is why it has made it this far. And now it is being used as the whipping boy in defense of coal et al. Of course, to get elected in WV, one has to be in the pocket of Massey. “Kill cap and trade: save jobs!” they’ll cry, and carbon tax will never even enter the legislative consciousness.