Junk Scientist simpers again

In a shockingly fatuous Fox News post from Dec. 1, Junk Science promoter Stephen Milloy heralds the death of global warming, as proven in the earlier reported Nature magazine story about the decline in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Current.

You’ll recall the import of the Nature study, the Arctic warms; Arctic water stops dropping dropping so quickly; slowing the pace at which warm Caribbean waters rise and cycle north. That cycle currently prevents European countries are northerly latitudes from falling into a deepfreeze. Thus, if global warming continues unchecked and the Gulf Current stops, bye bye palm trees in Cornwall; hello ice bergs is Oslo. (No wonder the Europeans are taking this whole thing seriously.)

Apparently unable to hold two thoughts in his head at the same time, Mr. Milloy reasons that a chillier Europe is proof that the climate isn’t changing. (Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense.)

Given Milloy’s track record, this would be easily dismissable, except that now his argument is popping up in other “climate skeptic” publications like The Conservative Voicecreating that echo chamber effect in which you gamble that if you repeat something silly often enough, it will begin to look more reasonable – perhaps even true.

Alas, not.