Kennedy in a "Huff" about Exxon Mischief

It's nice to see the story of ExxonMobil's climate change misinformation campaign being reported in so prominent as place as the blog Huffington Post, and nice to see so credible a source as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

After checking out how successful Exxon has been at disregarding the interests of Northwest Coast fishers or, say, Americans in general, have a look at Kennedy's link to the recent advertorial by the Washington Legal Foundation. The WLF is a group of top-dollar attorney's who appear to care not a wit for “the habitats of plant and insect species” - or for the larger human habitat if their attitude towar climate change is any evidence. WLF Chair Daniel Popeo dismisses “environmentalists who claim that burning any fossil fuel contributes to global warming.”

That's a group that now includes ExxonMobil, unless the WLF knows something we don't.


I am not so excited about the credibilty of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In this case he is on the side of the scientific concensus but when it comes to the supposed link between vaccination and autism the scientific concensus is thrown out the window and he has some consiracy theories to spin.

The WLF argument is very strange. In brief, that the US ought to be allowed to develop domestic fossil fuel resources and build refineries to decrease buying from middle east countries that fund terrorism. What better way to eliminate dependence on those countries than to develop alternative energy sources, and at the same time do our bit for CO2 reduction? I keep wondering why Bush & his cronies don’t find this the perfect “exit strategy” for that whole part of the world. Oh, right … they are in the oil business, too.