Leo Joins the Crusade

Looks like the former heart-throb of many of my contemporaries has joined the fight against global warming. A visit to LeonardoDiCaprio.com reveals that he has split his site into two sections - a .org site dedicated to his foundation, and a .com site dedicated to himself.

His foundation is focused on environmental issues – particularly the issues of “global warming, alternative and renewable energy sources, and the preservation of the planet's amazing biodiversity”. And I'm blogging about it because it features two videos, and the one on global warming is worth a watch.

It's encouraging to see celebrities choosing to leverage their “personal brands” for something worthwhile. So if you're not totally tired of global warming videos yet, head on over and check it out.


My initial reaction was utter surprise, i was flabbergasted that Leonardo even thought of environmental issues.  One could be skeptical and say that his work is no different then Angelina Jolie going to Africa and kissing babies, but I would beg to differ.  The website although aided by other environmental groups is comprehensive and quite informative, although i disagree with the environmental “activism” he suggests but that it is a completely different topic.  “Cities and Climate Change”  Although you could hardly call this an essay it more like a five hundred word blurb it is simple and his mind i believe is in the right place.  Simply the way everything on the site is presented I feel that we have one of the first true celebrity environmentalists and I am interested how this will turn out for him and for all of us.

Ecorazzi actually just produced a video that shows our readers how to “Be Green Like Leo”…he’s been into this a long time, buying up forests, switching his whole family to hybrids, etc. He even carpooled in his hybrid to his Departed premiere.


I just can’t shake the image of Leo in the driver’s seat of a late model Prius with Jack Nicholson riding shotgun, Matt Damon snarling from the back seat and Marky Mark screaming obscenities at passing Hummers. Just a bunch of goodfellas on the way to the shoot. Beauty.