McIntyre Unearths Fresh Climate Graph Outrage

Steve McIntyre, who with Ross McKitrick has been the author of the long-running hockey stick controversy, has replotted all of the climate reconstructions recently reported in New Scientist magazine and has discovered - well, he seems to have discovered a whole equipment bag full of hockey sticks (see illustration).

Under McIntrye's careful analysis, some of the climate reconstructions don't extend back fully to 1,000 years and some peter out more recently for lack data. And all have been recalibrated to spend a bit more time above zero. But taken individually or together, they all seem to suggest exactly what the much-debated Mann hockey stick suggested, lo those many Congressional hearings ago: that we are currently enjoying (or enduring) the hottest period on earth in the last 1,000 years.

Thanks, Steve, for clearing that up.


Over at Climate Audit (named for the dreamed of audit and cancellation of real science, to be replaced with Ballisms), they are saying

“How easy it seems to screw things 180 degrees out of order”

Indeed! They apparently don’t know how well they have described their process.

Correction, DanJ: It’s “Balliunasisms.” The difference? It, it’s, er, um… three syllables! And what’s a hanging ‘l’ between friends? :)

Ballisms are more science-free, and include published claims like: CFC’s are heavier than air so can’t rise into the atmosphere, that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere as measured at Mauna Loa “plummeted” in the 1990s (Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 42 (2): 212-214), that ”… carbon dioxide from anthropogenic sources increased the most from 1940 to 1980” (ibid), his 1996-7 claim (Western Producer) that the next hot Prairie drought would be in 2035, that fossil forests on Axel Heiberg do not indicate a previous warmer climate (ca. 50 My BP, when that location was in roughly the same place; testimony before Canadian House Committee of Ozone Depletion), his recent claim (testifying to the US congress Mar 20, 2007) that the Milankovitch effect has been kept out of textbooks, etc., etc.

But the latest hot science and engineering is all about how bad the new lightbulb regulations are. Earth-shaking science. Over at the Science Audit Centre, ,

they are complaining that that compact flourescent lamps

- are a big effort to replace

- damage vitamin D

- emit pollutants

- are larger and more costly to transport

- are squiggly in shape and dizzying to look at

(I made the last one up - it seemed to fit.)

Richard, You admit that some of these posted reconstructions don’t go back 1,000 yrs, yet you say “all” of these reconstructions, even when “taken individually,” suggest “we are currenty enjoying (or enduring) the hottest period on earth in the last 1,000 years.” How can a reconstruction that doesn’t go back 1,000 years say anything about the last 1,000 years? Maybe you shouldn’t mock McIntyre for pointing out something obvious, then turn around and ignore that ever so obvious point yourself. Surely you can be reasonable enough to understand why someone might find that peculiarity worth commenting on? Additionally, your implication that the other hockey sticks somehow make the Mann hocket stick irrelevant suggests you’ve paid very little attention to some of the most important details of the hockey stick debate, such as the used of flawed proxies which re-appear in many reconstructions (such as bristlecone pines, for which the NAS report agreed with McIntyre that they should not be used as a temperature proxy), the so-called “divergence problem,” etc. The reasons for that thread being posted at Climate Audit are probably clear to a regular reader, a semi-regular reader, or even someone who has been following the site for just the last few weeks. Maybe that’s why it passed you by. Or maybe you’re not interested and just wanted something to spin and post.

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