MediaMatters launches Climate of Smear

Check out the newly launched “Climate of Smear: Global Warming Misinformation” section on Media Matters website. For the latest outrageous claims made by skeptic favourites such as Fox News pseudo-journalists and Glenn Beck, is an excellent resource exposing content so blatantly manipulated that it would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

Media Matters is a not for profit watchdog dedicated to “monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”. Distorted truths, misconstrued facts and subversive reporting perpetuated by media outlets who serve the conservative, right-wing agenda are exposed to journalists, activists and the general public by's team of analysts and advisors.


Desmogblog getting all worked up about smears? Now that is IRONY in the richest vein.

What about Desmog’s own efforts? It tried to claim that NRSP’s Tom Harris once worked for big tobacco and sly references to that still appear on the Desmog website.

Desmog likes to imply that big oil funds NRSP despite repeating ad nauseum in every reference to NRSP that the organization refuses to disclose its funding sources.

Glenn Beck, by the way, works for CNN, not Fox – even a pseudo-journalist would have gotten that fact right.

Mr. Dowell (if that's not a pseudonym for Mr. Harris): you will find no linkages between the NRSP's Tom Harris and big tobacco on the DeSmogBlog website.

It's true there was a “Tom Harris of APCO-Worldwide” who, on behalf of Philip Morris, helped create The Advancement for Sound Science Coalition, one of the great astroturf organizations of all time. It's true that when we at DeSmogBlog learned that “Tom Harris of APCO-Worldwide” helped launch the climate-change denying Friends of Science, we mistakenly concluded that APCO-Worldwide probably only had one Tom Harris. The coincidence seemed too compelling, especially since “our” Tom Harris uses many of the same “scientific advisors” as the old Tom Harris - people like Fred Singer and Fred Seitz.

We were wrong (there are at least two Tom Harris's who have worked for APCO). And the moment we learned we were wrong, we pulled down the original post; we published a correction and an apology; and I phoned Tom Harris personally to apologize, as well. As Mr. Harris can attest, I have also followed up on his behalf, asking that other websites that picked up our erroneous story remove any such references and (also) apologize.

The Tom Harris who sets up Canadian front groups (Friends of Science; the National Resources Stewardship Project) on behalf of oil and gas firms or energy industry lobby firms has plenty to answer for, but defending big tobacco is not on the list. I'll thank you to keep that in mind and I will continue, in future, to remove any references I see that suggest otherwise.


Thanks for the correction on Beck and CNN; given his really bizarre (FOX) position on climate change, I'm sure you can understand how easy it would have been to make that mistake.

Where is your evidence that NRSP does the bidding of big oil, gas and other assorted villains? You say on your website that NRSP refuses to divulge its donors so how do you know who pays that particular piper?

I’ve been a fan for years. Canada has nothing similar, which I find rather disappointing… which is OUR LOSS… I’ve actually written MediaMatters on several occasions, suggesting they include or spin-off a Canadian version… why ask them? because when Americans figure out that Canadians *truly are* the Best Friends of the American Green & Progressive movements… we will ALL get somewhere in spite of mainstream media & corporatized government efforts to divide the Peoples of North America… Spread Love… … but wear the Glove! BlueBerry Pick’n can be found @ ThisCanadianSilent Freedom is Freedom Silenced

Thanks for bringing this Media Matters page to people’s attention. This is a great source of news media information.

It is too bad that the less-than-serious spammer above continues to try to be funny and cloud the issue, but I guess this is evidence of the tolerance (too much tolerance, I think) of the Desmogblog. Crazy comments like that, tossed into many discussion topics, probably prevent serious comments and debates by more informed people who would like to debate Desmogblog. Who would want to be aligned with that?