Merkel Greeted On U.S. Trip by Dancing Green Hard Hats Demanding Strong Climate Action

While most climate activists are focused solely on the Waxman-Markey legislation that is due to be voted on by the US Congress any time now, a group of youth climate activists are taking the time to make sure that President Obama and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel know that the youth movement demands strong action at the upcoming G8 summit and December’s Copenhagen climate summit as well. 

The youth, who are working with international advocacy group, staged an action today in front of the German Embassy in Washington to welcome Merkel in their giant, six-foot wide green hard hats, dancing and chanting for green jobs and strong action to fight global warming.

Here’s the video:

The activists are calling for the two world leaders to commit to limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, a position supported by Merkel. If temperatures rise beyond this mark, tropical island states like the Marshall Islands and the Maldives will be under water.  Youth activists are encouraging Obama and Merkel to champion the bold transition to clean energy that will provide green jobs and economic prosperity for future generations.

Today’s action was just the warm up, though.  The youth activists are staging another rally in front of the White House tomorrow morning (Friday) at 11 a.m.  Look for the giant green hard hats, you can’t miss them!

Check out a video of the dancing green hard hats at It’s Getting Hot In Here.