Monckton Ridiculed for His Clumsy/Inaccurate/Manipulative "Science"

In this deleriously funny send-up of the work of Chrisopher Walter (the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley), writer Gareth Renowden (Hot Topic: Global Warming and the Future of New Zealand) renders a readable parable even while humiliating Monckton for his incompetence and/or his dishonesty.

Renowden has discovered an unsourceable graph in Monckton’s latest paper for the Exxon-sponsored Science and Public Policy Institute. Said graph (which Monckton incorrectly attributes to Curry and Clow 1977) appears to be an inventively modified version of a work published by Cuffey and Clow in the Journal of Geophysical Research in 1977.

Thanks to Ian Forrester and to Tim Lambert at Deltoid for turning this up.


… his leg snapped firmly in his own “snow-encrusted gin trap.”

As Renowden points out, Monckton is trying to claim that “…so many artful steps have been and are being taken to falsify and exaggerate the scientific truth, perhaps the truth is not as those who are so ingeniously and persistently tampering with the science and the data would have us believe.”

It’s a stretch to accuse the bombastic lord of all things Brenchley of being artful, but he’s pretty much the denier camp’s pre-eminent lackey when it comes to trying to “falsify and exaggerate the scientific truth.”

The deniers keep on accusing the climate scientists of fraud when the only frauds which have been perpetrated have been by the deniers themselves.