Monckton in Utah: Hitlerian hyperbole and deviations from the truth

Christopher Walter, the Third Viscount Monckton of BullTwaddle, has been enriching himself on the speaker circuit in the last couple of days, enteraining a rump of science “skeptics” in the sparsely populated halls of Salt Lake City.

Monckton, who likes to scream out slanderous Nazi accusations, was at it again, accusing the world’s foremost climate scientists of “wanting to impose the same kind of tyranny as Hitler.”

At least some of the local media were not taking the bait. Salt Lake Tribune columnist Peg McEntee pointed out that Monckton began his speech with a fair warning, saying: “Do not believe a word I say.”

She then closed her column by noting that the man continues to misrepresent himself as a member of the British House of Lords, a banal matter of fact that is easily debunked and establishes his (lack of) credibility beyond doubt.

But then, Robert Ferguson and his secret funders at the SPPInstitute aren’t paying Monckton to tell the truth. They’re paying him to deny global warming.


Every time I see this buffoon’s face, I kept thinking he reminds me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Until last weekend. That’s when the name Marty Feldman popped into my head.

Did a google search for some of his pics and sure enough I see a strong resemblance. Marty Feldman was a comic actor, and that is exactly how I would classify the 3rd Viscount Nothing of Brenchley himself.