Monckton's cure for climate change: Put the scientists in jail

Christopher Monckton, leading voice for the denier delegation sponsored by the oil-backed Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, has been recorded telling youth delegate Brennan Garrett that the cure for the Kyoto protocol is to lock up all the world’s best climate scientists for “fraud” and “racketerring.”

Monckton, who won a certain amount of infamy in the 1980s by saying that the UK government should lock up and quarantine all people with HIV/AIDS, turns his attention in this video to how the same “cure” could be applied to scientists who are trying to get the world’s attention on climate change. When Garrett implies that it is actually the deniers who are “new,” who’s efforts could be fatal for a huge portion of earth’s population and who’s condition (denial) appears incurable, Monckton chooses to miss the point.


that the tactic of giving them all the rope they need to hang themselves on their own words and ideas is effective and works. Brilliant.

Jimmy, do you think there is gonna be a Kyoto Treaty II when this is all said and done? Me thinks not. Did Australia just vote down cap and trade? O no! The U.S. government has scrapped the universal healthcare plan, Jimmy. Conservatism is roaring back, Liberalism is sinking back to the depths where it belongs. Your group think will never ever overcome individualism. Dr. Monckton, I salute you! Keep up the good work!

Where are you getting that from? This guy hasn’t got a PhD – no scientific expertise of any kind! And that reference to him sharing in the Nobel is just ludicrous.

When a guy normally goes around calling himself lord, Doctor is pretty much a demotion, but I would drop the nobel stuff if I were him, Obama has taken the shine off his. He accepts the peace prize by giving a kill the terrorists speech that Bush would have been proud of. pretty funny.

Adorning their heroes with epithets and titles they don’t deserve is a habit among the denier-crowd. When they can find some contrarian who by some stretch of the imagination can be called a scientist he is automatically called ‘brilliant’ or ‘distinguished’.

when you get your *ss kicked on your pathetic grasp of the scientific concept of amplifying feedbacks just retreat back to your real comfort zone: far right political ideology.

I agree completely with Lord Monckton. Scientific fraud is no lees a crime than financial fraud- particularly when these “scientists” are raking in mega-bucks in grants for their blatant lies.
There is a list of those I would happily see rot in jail for fraud and crimes against Humanity.
Plus any other tosser who agrees with this lot of crooks

huh - He was mad because a bunch of teenagers shouted down his meeting. He’s not taking away anyone’s free speech - only the government can do that for crying out loud.

And “Hitler Youth” turned out to be a better label than I thought. The nutty youths got stupid and threw cobblestones at the windows. Good thing the police were there.

Some 200 black-shirted thugs, calling themselves “Climate Activists” where arrested by riot police in Copenhagen.
This is the true face of environMENTALism, intolerant, violent fascists.
The barbararians are at the gates, unfortunately the lunatics are already running the asylum.

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