National Post Writers Overwhelmed by 2 Simultaneous Thoughts

Canada's national pretender - the National Post - is at it again, dismissing any notion of climate change on the grounds that while the weather has been warmer than usual in Calgary, it was colder than ever in Warsaw.

In an opinion piece submitted by two Calgary writers, the Post once again presumes to “debunk” the gathering concern over climate change. Specifically, the writers dismiss recent stories of a record warm Canadian winter by pointing out that Canadian weather statistics only date back to 1948. Then, again, they rush to deny “global warming” by pointing to those places that, this year at least, have been cool.

In case they missed the memo, the principal early effect of having a planet that is warmer, on average, is climate change. Some days will be warmer, some colder; some wetter, some dryer. Some hurricanes will be more ferocious; some floods more devastating; some droughts more relentless - you get the point, even if the National Post doesn't.

The unusual climate effects that are, necessarily, being reported one detail at a time, are demonstrating an undeniable trend. If anyone is interested in a sober, scientific and impartial analysis, click on Is Climate Change Real? The writers you find there are capable of complex thought.

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