Nature to Palin: "I'm Hotter Than You!"

Researchers confirm that surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were warmer over the last 10 years than any time during the last 1300 years, and, if the climate scientists include the somewhat controversial data derived from tree-ring records, the warming is anomalous for at least 1700 years.


Talking to a friend whose daughter lives in Alaska:
Old timers there are complaining about climate changes. Huge icebergs are floating by down the change now.
This part of the country is most affected so far. How is Palin so ignorant of it?

I meant to say, “floating down the channel by the island”. One of the changes in
Since the temperature has gone up the most in the Arctic, the changes are noticed by out door people, sportsmen or commercial hunters, etc. Sarah had to have heard of it from outdoor people.
Some offbrand evangelical preachers are preaching the Exxon gospel (although the National Council of Evangelical Churches has a resolution toward stopping global warming – ‘creation care’ or stewardship of the earth, in religious terms.