New 'Friends of Science' Site Needs a Signature

There's a new “Friends of Science” website at . Have a click and you'll find something very different than the old of the oil-industry backed climate change denial group.

To their credit, the new group has assembled four interesting videos (the “short ad” is devastating and worth the look), but it's questionable that the only contact information reveals an anonymous opportunity to give them money. If they are not prepared to identify themselves, you'd be better off spending your global warming budget on compact fluorescents or sending it to a group like the David Suzuki Foundation, which accounts for its spending.


Yes, it was me that put that page up. I was managing this domain for a client that was going to put something up on it but abandoned it and told me to let it expire. Instead, I renewed it myself and slapped that quick page up. I didn’t think anybody would ever find or comment on it. I removed the link asking for donations. I really don’t have plans for improving or developing the site, but if you have any ideas or would like to blog on it, please contact me using