New NASA satellite map pinpoints worldwide sea level rise

According to new data analysis from the Topex/Poseidon and Jason-1 satellites, NASA is reporting that “warming water and melting land ice have raised global mean sea level 4.5 centimeters (1.7 inches) from 1993 to 2008.”

Here's the image showing where and by how much the world's oceans have changed over the last 15 years.

Light blue indicates areas in which sea level has remained relatively constant since 1993. White, red, and yellow are regions where sea levels have risen the most rapidly–up to 10 millimeters per year–and which contain the most heat. Green areas have also risen, but more moderately. Purple and dark blue show where sea levels have dropped, due to cooler water.

 (Click image to enlarge)

This image was made possible by the detailed record of sea surface height measurements begun by Topex/Poseidon and continued by Jason-1. The recently launched Ocean Surface Topography Mission on the Jason-2 satellite (OSTM/Jason-2) will soon take over this responsibility from Jason-1.



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Anyone notice that when ‘in your face’ stories like this one show up, the resident denialists either crawl under the woodwork or throw diversionary smokebombs? They mention they’re interested in debating the science, yet they only appear themselves on polemic-filled posts (i.e. those discussing figures like Monckton or Gore); they mention they’re all for thinking for themselves yet when a topic comes up that ClimateAudit et al haven’t covered, they go silent. What gives?

They are waiting to be provided with their talking points. Will they go for the belittling tactic, as in “those numbers aren’t very big”; or the diversionary tactic, as in “Look over there at that shiny thing!”

They could try to ignore this post, but if there is a lively discussion here, they won’t be able to. I think their main aim is to prevent a good discussion from taking place.

It looks cold in California ….

(Just trying to be helpful with denier talking points. I know it’s not very convincing but, hey, the usual standard is pretty lax.)