Christopher Monckton

Christopher Monckton


According to George Monbiot at The Guardian, Monckton “has a degree in classics and a diploma in journalism and, as far as I can tell, no further qualifications.” [1]


Christopher Walter Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchely, is a British politician affiliated with the UK Independence Party. He was a former advisor to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and was a “special advisor to Thatcher's Downing Street policy unit” in the 1980s.

Monckton's first claim to fame was his creation of the “eternity puzzle,” a board game that Monckton believed was so challenging that he offered 1 million euros to the first person to solve it. To his surprise, the eternity puzzle was solved in 16 months.

While Monckton's educational background is in journalism, he has recently been credited by many think tanks as an expert in the field of global warming. [2]

For example, his profile on the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) states: [3]

“His [Monckton's] contribution to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 - the correction of a table inserted by IPCC bureaucrats that had overstated tenfold the observed contribution of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets to sea-level rise - earned him the status of Nobel Peace Laureate. His Nobel prize pin, made of gold recovered from a physics experiment, was presented to him by the Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Rochester, New York, USA.”

Monckton later conceded that claiming to be a Nobel Peace Laureate was “a joke, a joke” and “never meant to be taken seriously.” But the above claim remains on the SPPI website to this day (as of Oct, 2011). *Edit: this claim has since been taken down from his SPPI profile, however an archived version can still be seen through the Internet Archive.

Stance on Climate Change

“Yes, there is a greenhouse effect. Yes, CO2 contributes to it. Yes, it causes warming. Yes, we emit CO2. Yes, warming will result. But not a lot.” [4]

“Why haven't air or sea temperatures turned out as the UN's models predicted? Because the science is bad, the 'consensus' is wrong, and Herr Professor Ludwig Boltzmann, FRS, was as right about energy-to-temperature as he was about atoms.” [5]

Key Quotes

October 18, 2015

This (environmental treaty) process has nothing to do with the weather. It has nothing to do with man's impact on the weather. It has everything to do with establishing the socialist international at the heart of the UN and making every nation bow the knee to this new dictatorship, and the climate is merely a fig leaf to cover what they are trying to do.” [45]

June, 2015

Monckton on Pope Francis, the encyclical on the environment,  and climate change:

“My message to the Pope would be, don’t take sides on the science. Don’t make the same mistake as seven out of 10 judges in the trial of Galileo, when they invited him to retract his views.” [41]

April 28, 2015

Lord Christopher Monckton travels to Vatican City, Italy, with Marc Morano of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, for a press event hosted by the Heartland Institute in order to “dissuade Pope Francis from lending his moral authority to the politicized and unscientific climate agenda of the United Nations,” according to a Heartland Institute press release. [38],[39]

DeSmogUK attended the event and noted that “just nine journalists made up the audience at Heartland's press conference”:

The main reason, Your Holiness, of why we are here today, is it is not the business of the church to stray from the field of faith and morals and wonder into the playground that is science… it is not the business of the church to pronounce on science.

Of course, it doesn't very much matter to the rest of the world what view the church takes now on this - very nearly all governments around the world have already already made up their minds on this.

Some 'me too' statement from someone who is not a physicist but a chemist is not likely to carry very much weight in the councils of the world. The damage that would be done by a statement straying into the science of this question - on either side - would be to the church herself. For yet again, she would have gone beyond what she was founded to do… and yet again got the science 100 percent plumb wrong.” [39]

June 18, 2014

Lord Christopher Monckton speaks at an ideacity Conference in Toronto, Canada with a talk entitled, “Global Warming is a Hoax by Lord Christopher Monckton,” Monckton states:

2:35-3:00 “Now, part of the problem with the climate debate is that so much gas board language like that [the IPCC's language] has been used and there’s been too little plain, scientific, and economic thinking. And so, the entire political class has been captured by an idea, which as always with the best bad ideas has a grain of truth in it, which is then exaggerated beyond all reason. This has happened before—one thinks of the Dreyfus case, for instance.” [29]

5:56-6:24 “The breaching of the Berlin Wall and the melting down of the Iron Curtain marked not the end of totalitarianism, but the end of its confinement. The new menace to liberty is groupthink gone global. The globalization of groupthink is guilefully disguised under the green fig leaf of pietistic environmentalism. From behind that fig leaf, emerges today’s tumescent totem of totalitarian tyranny: climate change.” [29]

March 1, 2013

“The only scientists who are capable of coming to a conclusion as barking mad as that [that climate change is man-made] are computer modelists. And these are typically zitty teenagers sitting in dark rooms with a can of Coca-Cola and too many doughnuts and playing on their Xbox 360.” [24]

March 26, 2009

“The right response to the non-problem of global warming is to have the courage to do nothing.” [20]

” [T]here is only one way to stop AIDS. That is to screen the entire population regularly and to quarantine all carriers of the disease for life. Every member of the population should be blood-tested every month […] all those found to be infected with the virus, even if only as carriers, should be isolated compulsorily, immediately, and permanently.” [6]

Key Deeds

December 7, 2015

Christopher Monckton appeared at the United Nation’s Conference on Climate Change, COP21, in Paris, France with the Heartland Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) to “hold a ‘counter-conference’ … called the Day of Examining the Data.” [47] Other notable climate science deniers that were in attendance at the “counter-conference,” included: Robert CarterS. Fred Singer, Christopher Essex, James Taylor, Patrick MooreWolfgang Müller, James Inhofe, and Willie Soon. [48]

Watch Christopher Monckton's “counter-conference” presentation with the Heartland Institute, below (Christopher Monckton's presentation begins at 5:54:40):

December 7, 2015

Christopher Monckton appears as a “Key Scientist” in Marc Morano’s documentary film, Climate Hustle, which debuted on December 7, 2015, in Paris, France during the COP21 United Nations summit on climate change. [46] The film chiefly showcases Morano's personality, a range of discredited scientists, and no new factual information about climate change.

Other notable “Key Scientists” featured in Climate Hustle include: [46]

December, 2015

Lord Christopher Monckton commented at a meeting of climate change deniers at Rue de la Rochefoucauld in Paris held by Roger Helmer MEP and Piers Corbyn. The event was titled PCC15 (“The Paris Climate Challenge”). [49]

With reference to the COP21 climate conference,  “They are trying to establish a single world government,” Monckston said. “You can argue whether it is communist or fascist depending on whether you think the people concerned are crony capitalists, in which case it’s fascist, or whether they are collectivists, in which case it’s communist.” [49]

The session was chaired by Tom Harris. Some of Monckton's talking points included that CO2 is beneficial and a “life-giving gas on the planet,” that ocean acidification “is not a threat,” that climate change is solar-driven, and that we should be increasing fossil fuel use otherwise we are “depriving the poor of inexpensive fuel.” [50]

October 18, 2015

Christopher Monckton was cited in an article published by LifeSiteNews titled, “Monckton: Harper defeat in Canada election will allow “world government” win at UN Paris climate meet.” In the article, Monckton refers to Stephen Harper as “the last man standing against the establishment of a 'one world government.'” [45] With Justin Trudeau succeeding Stephen Harper as the new Prime Minister of Canada, Monckton warns that “world governance will finally begin with a successful December, 2015 Paris Climate Conference.” [45]

This (environmental treaty) process has nothing to do with the weather. It has nothing to do with man's impact on the weather. It has everything to do with establishing the socialist international at the heart of the UN and making every nation bow the knee to this new dictatorship, and the climate is merely a fig leaf to cover what they are trying to do.” [45]

June 11-12, 2015

Christopher Monckton was a speaker on Panel 9: “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Human Welfare, Energy, and Policies,” at the Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC10) in Washington, D.C., with Craig Idso, Bob Carter, and S. Fred Singer. [42]

View Christopher Monckton’s Panel 9 presentation at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC10, below: [43]

Christopher Monckton was a speaker on Panel 11: “Attacks on Scientists and the Corruption of Science,” at the Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC10) in Washington, D.C., with Bob Carter, Tim Ball, and William Briggs. [42]

View Christopher Monckton’s Panel 11 presentation at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC10, below: [44]

May 12, 2015

Christopher Monckton is a signatory to an open letter to Pope Francis on climate change. The letter invites the Pope to reconsider his views on climate change before his upcoming encyclical letter on the environment, which is widely expected to call for measures to prevent climate change in the interests of the world’s poor.

The open letter was coordinated and signed by Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance. According to the letter, “Good climate policy must recognize human exceptionalism, the God-given call for human persons to 'have dominion' in the natural world (Genesis 1:28), and the need to protect the poor from harm, including actions that hinder their ascent out of poverty.” [32]

Judith Curry comments on her blog Climate Etc. that “Arguably the most effective ‘pushback’ comes from Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, who coordinated An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change.” [33]

March, 2015

Christopher Monckton is one of several climate change skeptics cc'd on an email from S. Fred Singer in hopes of countering the documentary film “Merchants of Doubt,” which exposes the network of climate change skeptics and deniers trying to delay legislative action on climate change.  

The October, 2014 email was leaked to journalists before the documentary was released. “Can I sue for damages?” Singer asked in the email. “Can we get an injunction against the documentary?”

InsideClimate News reports in their article “Leaked Email Reveals Who's Who List of Climate Denialists,” how “Many of those copied on the email thread, such as Singer and communications specialist Steven Milloy, have financial ties to the tobacco, chemical, and oil and gas industries and have worked to defend them since the 1990s.” [40]

InsideClimate News also documented all those who were cc'd on the email, including the following skeptics and groups:

February, 2015

Christopher Monckton wrote a letter defending Willie Soon after pieces were published in The Guardian and the New York Times that accuse Soon of failing to disclose a conflict of interest in recent scientific papers. Monckton was also the co-author of one of the papers, titled “Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model” published in January in the Science Bulletin, the journal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The New York Times writes “He has accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose that conflict of interest in most of his scientific papers.” These articles were written in light of documents obtained by Greenpeace through freedom of information filings. [34], [35]

Christopher Mockton writes, “It is apparent that the well-funded, highly-organized, concerted campaign of hatred and libelous vilification against Dr Soon has a rankly political motive. Certainly, as you will see from the attached note of the various instaquotes from rent-by-the-hour climate 'scientists', their attempts to attack the science in our paper have been remarkably insubstantial, unmeritorious and too often intellectually dishonest.” [36]

In addition to Monckton, James Delingpole and Bob Carter also defended Soon with similar articles and letters, available in the Breitbart. [37] 

September 18, 2014

Christopher Monckton and Willie Soon co-author an opinion piece in The Washington Times titled, “Boycotting the U.N. climate summit; Awareness grows that faulty science would keep millions in the dark.” 

Soon and Monckton state Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister, “is right to have no more to do with such murderous nonsense. It is time to put an end to climate summits,” also noting the President of China and the Chancellor of Germany “likewise intend to skip the event”: [31]

“The spiritual yet down-to-earth Mr. Modi knows that 300 million Indians still have no electricity. His priority is to turn on the lights all over India. In Bihar, four homes in five are still lit by kerosene … The world’s governing elites, however, no longer care about poverty. Climate change is their new focus.” [31]

July 7 - 9, 2014

Christopher Monckton was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas, Nevada. [30]

DeSmogBlog has done in-depth research on the other speakers and sponsors from Heartland's ICCC9, which can be found here.

April, 2013

In early April, Monckton arrived in New Zealand for a speaking tour sponsored by the Climate Realists Network titled the “Climate of Freedom Tour.” According to the event description, Monckton will speak on “Climate Change and its underlying idealogical framework, the United Nations Agenda 21 and the threat this is to freedom.” Agenda 21 (PDF available here) is a plan created by the United Nations with the primary purpose of promoting sustainable development. A full list of Monckton's tour venues and dates is available online.

An article in The New Zealand Herald published near the start of his tour questioned Monckton's motives and qualifications to speak on climate science. The article suggests that Monckton's views are not based on science: James Renwick, associate professor of physical geography at Victoria University, told the paper that “[Monckton] has no training and has studiously avoided learning anything about science[…]” [21]

Monckton responded to the letter and threatened the New Zealand Herald, saying that he would send a complaint to the Press Council if the Herald did not publish his email or correct the article's “factual inaccuracies.” He also claims that the scientists quoted in the original article were being “malevolently inaccurate about climate 'science'.” While Monckton's letter was published by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition on April 3, it does not appear the Herald has responded. [22]

Michele Hewitson interviewed Monckton in a separate article for the New Zealand Herald on April 6 where, she reported, that he “He had got the huff and walked out of the interview” after she brought up the episode when Monckton called youth activists in Copenhagen members of the “Hitler Youth.”

Early on in his tour, Monckton also appeared on ZBTV's Leighton Smith Show to talk about “climate change and public interest in it.” According to Monckton:

“The direct effect of putting CO2 into the atmosphere is not really going to be much more than 1 degree celsius of warming per doubling of CO2 concentration. And that is the generally accepted figure, of which only half, or about 0.5 or 0.6C would come through in the first 100 or 150 years. During which you're doubling the CO2 concentration.”

Monckton also made a number of other claims recording article sea ice during the recording, all of which are discussed and reviewed here. According to Monckton: [23]

  • There was less sea ice in the 1920s and 1930s than now.
  • Arctic sea ice has only declined for a few weeks in summer.
  • Water can't get underneath the Antarctic ice sheet.
  • Increases in Antarctic sea ice make up for half of the losses in the Arctic
  • Arctic sea ice set a new record high in March, 2013

May 21 - 23, 2012

Christopher Monckton was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's 7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7).

DeSmogBlog researched the co-sponsors behind Heartland's ICCC7 and found that they had collectively received over $67 million from ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers and the conservative Scaife family foundations.

July, 2011

The House of Lords have had an ongoing dispute with Monckton over his membership, as authorities have said Monckton is not and never has been a member and that there is no such thing as a non-voting or honorary member of the House. [7]

In July 2011 the House took the “unprecedented step[8] of publishing online a cease and desist letter (PDF) to Monckton from the Clerk of the Parliaments, which concluded: [9]

“I am publishing this letter on the parliamentary website so that anybody who wishes to check whether you are a Member of the House of Lords can view this official confirmation that you are not.”

June, 2010

John P. Abraham, an associate professor at the University of St. Thomas, made an online presentation thoroughly refuting Monckton's Oct 14th, 2009 presentation at Bethel University. [10]

Monckton's response was to personally attack Abraham, calling him “snake-like”, saying he had the face of “an overcooked prawn” while speaking in an “irritatingly nasal tone” and having arguments that are “venomously ad-hominem.”  He further describes Abraham as belonging to a “Bible college.” [11]

In an interview on the Alex Jones Show, Monckton described Abraham as “a wretched little man.” [12]

December, 2009

When a group of 50 young activists stormed Monckton's stage during his conference at Copenhagen (with, according to SustainUS, a “paltry audience of five conference attendees” [13]), Monckton exploded on live webcast, calling the students “Hitler Youth” and “Nazis.”

The clean energy activists still managed to get their message through on the Americans for Prosperity sponsored video feed, chanting “Real Americans for Prosperity are Americans for Clean Energy.”

After this incident, Monckton later visited the SustainUs booth at the UN climate investigations and proceeded to lecture those present on his skeptical views on climate change, claiming that “there hasn't been any global warming for fifteen years and you know it.” [14]

When a representative from SustainUs responded to Monckton, saying that she would appreciate if he “stopped calling us Nazis,” Monckton told her that “you are killing millions by starvation in the third world,” and that “until you start caring, I will call you the Hitler Youth.”

June 2, 2009

Monckton presented at the Heartland Institute's Third International Conference on Climate Change. [15]

DeSmogBlog found that the sponsors Heartland's 2009 International Conference on Climate Change had collectively received over $47 million from oil companies and right-wing foundations.

March, 2009

In a speech at the Energy & Commerce Hearing on Climate Change Adaptation, Monckton agreed that reducing carbon dioxide emissions would be “taking away plant food from the atmosphere.”

Monckton also cites the Cambrian Period as proof plants love carbon dioxide, although it was a time period where there were no land plants.

October 8, 2008

Monckton wrote an open letter to Senator John McCain that asserts numerous scientific “facts” as interpreted by Monckton. [16]

These include how polar bears are in no danger from global warming, that global warming will have a positive impact on crops, that carbon dioxide doesn't significantly affect the climate, and that global warming is the result of solar activity. Monckton summarizes his responses to John McCain's statements on climate change as follows (Monckton's responses are on the right):

  1. “The scientists, politicians, and media behind ‘global warming' are honest”: They are not;
  2. “The debate is over and all credible climate scientists are agreed”: They are not;
  3. “Temperature today has risen exceptionally fast, above natural variability”: It has not;
  4. “Changes in solar activity do not much impact today's global warming”: They do;
  5. “Greenhouse-gas increases are the main reason why it is getting warmer”: They are not;
  6. “The fingerprint of anthropogenic greenhouse warming is clearly present”: It is absent;
  7. “Computer models are accurate enough to predict the climate reliably”: They cannot be;
  8. “Global warming is to blame for present and future climate disasters”: It is not;
  9. “Mitigating climate change will be cost-effective”: It will not;
  10. “Taking precautions, just in case, would be the responsible course”: It would not be.

Monckton, however, did not include peer-reviewed climate research to back up the above responses and his points have now been debunked on numerous occasions.

March, 2008

Monckton endorsed of the Manhattan declaration on climate change and was also present at the Heartland Institute's 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. [17]

The Manhattan Declaration asserts that “human-caused climate change is not a global crisis,” that CO2 “is not a pollutant but rather a necessity for all life,” that industrial carbon dioxide emissions do not affect climate change, and that “warmer weather is generally less harmful to life on Earth than colder.”  Its recommendation is “that world leaders reject the views expressed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”    

The Manhattan Declaration was conceived by the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). The ICSC, Directed by Tom Harris, is affiliated with several high-profile climate skeptic organizations and websites including the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), Climate Audit and the Friends of Science (FoS).


  • Senator James InhofeMonckton is on Senator Inhofe's list of “prominent climate scientists.” He is one of 70 with no background in climate science.
  • Margaret Thatcher “Chief Policy Advisor”

Christopher Monckton worked for the British government between 1982-1986, and has previously claimed to be a “chief policy advisor” to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Christopher Monckton has been quoted as saying “I gave her advice on science as well as other policy from 1982-1986, two years before the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was founded”, that he was “the only one who knew any science” and that “it was I who – on the prime minister's behalf – kept a weather eye on the official science advisers to the government, from the chief scientific adviser downward.” He has also said that he “advised Margaret Thatcher, FRS, on scientific scams and scares.” [5]

Bob Ward at The Guardian investigated these claims and found them to be false. Interestingly, in Margaret Thatcher's autobiography, she makes no mention of Monckton's role as policy advisor. When she describes the issue of climate change, she refers only to “George Guise, who advised me on science in the policy unit.” [18]

Monckton had also claimed to have brought in “the first computer they had ever seen in Downing Street,” but Ward noted “that this novel and important innovation by Viscount Monckton was not recognized by the current minister for science and universities, David Willetts, who was also a member of the prime minister's policy unit between 1984 and 1986.”


Monckton's articles on global warming were once published in Nexus magazine, alongside articles featuring conspiracy theories about government UFOs and a 9/11 “terrorist plot.”

According to a search of Google Scholar, Monckton has never published peer-reviewed research in any journal at any time.


SPPI has released a DVD titled “Apocalypse? No!” based on Monckton's lecture on climate change at the Cambridge Union Society.

Apart from starring in the Great Global Warming Swindle as a bona fide climate change expert, Monckton has also funded its distribution in schools across the country as part of a campaign to counter what he considers the propaganda presented by Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. [19]

The Great Global Warming Swindle has received critical responses from the scientific community, including a complaint to ABC signed by thirty-seven British Scientists that claimed “the misrepresentations of facts and views, both of which occur in your programme, are so serious that repeat broadcasts of the programme, without amendment, are not in the public interest. In view of the seriousness of climate change as an issue, it is crucial that public debate about it is balanced and well-informed.” 

In an interview between ABC Australia’s Tony Jones and the film’s director Martin Durkin the film’s validity and scientific accuracy were also put into question.


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