NRSP Boss Busy Bashing CBC's Fifth Estate

It seems that Tom Harris has been spending all of his time lately poaching around internet blogs (other than ours) to try to undo the effects of the devastating Fifth Estate documentary The Denial Machine.

Harris's questioning comments can be found here , here and here. Looks like the CBC struck a nerve.

It also raises the question, again, about who's paying for Harris's high-priced help. Here's a senior PR consultant and lobbyist - a guy who probably bills out between $200 and $300 an hour - reading and responding to obscure internet blog posts. Somebody's picking up that tab. It would be nice if Harris and his Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Not Really Science People ) cronies would own up to who's bankrolling their operation.


Riffing on this post at my own blog drew a response from Tom Harris, who denies the existence of any “confidentiality agreement”. I don’t know the appropriate laws well enough to understand whether or not his is a credible reponse. Harris claims his explanation was left out of stories done on his group. Thought you might be interested.

If you go to the NRSP site you will find that contributors are assured that their donation will be confidential. Maybe that doesn’t constitute an “agreement” in law, but Harris has his fingers crossed behind his back!