NRSP Steps up the IPCC Bashing

“This is … a U.N.-backed body that quite frankly is an advocacy group for controls on carbon emissions,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, a leading clearinghouse for challenges to the science behind global warming. …

“There're over 10,000 reports that come out in any year on climate change … and this group doesn't represent at all that many of the leading scientists in the field. Our own scientists have raised questions about the data they've seen from the IPCC.”

Tom Harris, executive director, the Natural Resources Stewardship Project

The above quote, from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, shows again the extremes that energy-industry funded public relations people will go to attack the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Per a post here a couple of days ago, the Natural Resources Stewardship Project is a public relations front for an energy industry lobby firm; Tom Harris admitted as much to the Toronto Star less than a week ago. The Chair of the NRSP is a retired geographer who has never published anything on atmospheric science and who has consistently lied about his own academic credentials.

Yet these people feel free to dismiss the IPCC as an advocacy group incapable of understanding climate science. In fact, if the Sun-Sentinel is quoting Harris correctly when he says that the IPCC “doesn't represent at all that many of the leading scientists in the field,” then Harris has reached a new low in saying things that vary, in stunning fashion, from anything that could resemble objective truth.


It’s a sad day for the denialists when a Canadian denial lobby group has to run all the way down to florida media to be taken seriously – I guess their the only ones who haven’t heard that Harris was an energy industry lobbyist up until a few months ago.

Oh, and I guess the forgot to ask whether he was even a scientists (he’s not).

It’s also a sad day for the denialsts, when a florida news outlet can only find some poor sod all the up in canada who will say such silly nonsense.

Maybe Harris can ask someone at the Florida Sentinal about a nice retirement community down there…. it looks like he’s going to need one soon at the rate he’s going.

FD link right here Here is another thread started by Harris in which he argues that the IPCC summary report was written by government reps and only 30 scientists had input. CBC radio in Montreal was smart enough not to let him on. Have other radio phone-in shows been alerted about who he is?

Another FD thread started by Harris with multiple links about a show on CFRA yesterday; right-leaning radio station in Ottawa:

Apparently the show is 2 hours long.

That’s rich! NRSP: “Our own scientists … “. Yes, very active research program. Carefully controlled flights to say it ain’t so, it just ain’t so, and you can believe me because I am always right and I never lie.