Oh, Thank Goodness, It's Snowing


Check out Michael R. Fox Ph.D., in the Hawaii Reporter. Fox, who is so widely informed that he must have (and this is just a guess) internet access, suggests that we can all stop worrying about climate change because there was an early snowfall in the Northeast.

He then proceeds through a whole series of “profound scientific breakthrough(s)” that should give us all comfort if we had been worried about the future of the world. No hurricanes; no global warming. A surge of cool seawater; no global warming. Methane leaking out of Russian peat bogs: global warming, but it's not my fault.

Of course, the reason the methane is leaking from those bogs is that the permafrost is melting from, well, from global warming, but Fox breezes over that bit.

My favourite part, though, is where he explains that all climate modellers are locked in an unhealthy sort of Freudian relationship with their computer, isolating from humans and communing only with their erroneous results.

It's a wonder that Fox admits to having a Ph.D. because he seems to be suggesting that, as a group, scientists are hopeless stupid or certifiably insane.

Fox - Dr. Fox - signs off by saying: “
It is time for the global warming lobby to take a look at the actual climate data being discovered.”

Perhaps the good doctor would like to discover the climate data in the attached graph.

Finally, any organization that has to write “Grassroot” into its title (as in Fox's Grassroot Institute of Hawaii) can reliably be assumed to be an Astroturf group - their plastic grass, like their opinions, deeply rooted in ground up car tires.