Oil sands exec. says Kyoto targets won't hurt industry

Gordon Lambert, Senior Vice President for sustainable development at Suncor, one of Canada's largest oil producers, told a House of Commons committee yesterday that Kyoto targets will not affect their business.

Lambert stated: “We don't predict job losses or impact on the economy (because) of meeting Kyoto. We're focussed on what we can do as a company about the problem.”

In the same committee meeting, the Calgary-based Pembina Institute tabled a report showing that bringing the oilsands into compliance with Kyoto would only cost $1 per barrel of oil produced.


The cynic in me just doesn’t believe that oil companies will go along with any sort of environmental modifications if it eats into their profits; governments are very hesitant to do anything to irk their donators and the general populus is too disorganized to mount any sort of true social pressure. That, and they practically own the world as of the Forunte 2006 list. http://www.yourcreditnetwork.com/blog/OilAFortuneFoundedOnBusinessCredit...

You can see some of Gord Lambert’s obfuscation, and Mathew Bramley’s (of the Pembina Institute) response on CBC’s Politics program here - scroll to 17:20 (available only for 1 week)


The Pembina Report is here:

Suncor is good at “appearing” to be progressive. They’ve been honing their message for over 10 yrs now.

Interestingly, the same day as his “Kyoto targets won’t hurt us” comments appeared, Lambert was reported to have also said at the committee meeting “Announcing short-term hard targets like Kyoto risks scaring away investment in the oil sands.” (A3 Feb 21 G&M “Simple fix offered for oil sands.) He seems to be part of the group that is trying to separate Kyoto targets (6%< 1990 levels) from Kyoto deadlines (2012). This fits with the editorial concensus of the G&M and the Vancouver Sun, which appears to be “the science is clear and the public wants action, but let’s not do anything rash like trying to reduce emissions dramatically in the short term.”

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