On Clinton, Streisand and Murdoch: A Climate Change Alliance

Wed, 2006-09-20 14:09Richard Littlemore
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On Clinton, Streisand and Murdoch: A Climate Change Alliance

It's probably impossible to say something positive about Bill Clinton without being accused of being partisan. After all, didn't he used to be a friend of Al Gore's?
But his global initiative is reaping real results and we think he deserves some recognition. As John Stewart suggests in the attached YouTube video, it's not just anybody who could get Barbra Streisand and Rupert Murdoch pulling in the same boat - and in the same direction.
(To our Republican readers; you probably want to bail out when they break for a commercial. It will spare you having to listen to Bill's pitch for Hillary's presidency.)


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How did it get missed for the last ten years?”

That was the question Deborah Hersman, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), posed to a panel of industry representatives back in April about how the rail industry had missed the fact that Bakken oil is more explosive than traditional crude oil.

How do we move to an environment where commodities are classified in the right containers from the get go and not just put in until we figure out that there’s a problem,” Hersman asked...

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