Out of Balance Another Climate Film

So it seems that 2006 will be remembered as the year of the climate film. How many more can we fit into the final three months? Any guesses?     

No complaints here, though, because what it means is that this is an issue that has truly taken root in popular consciousness, at long last. And one can only assume that as more and more people come to realize the gravity of the situation, they will force our governments – and ourselves – into action.

The lastest film to join the roster is Out of Balance, which focuses particularly on the role of ExxonMobil in keeping the public fed with “junk science” and therefore unmoved to act. However, according to the website, “Out of Balance does not just critique ExxonMobil, it also offers challenging, large-scale ideas for the global social changes that must take place if there’s any chance of having a livable planet for future generations.” You can check out the clips on the homepage and here.

There's an impressive collection of activist resources, too – a little American-focused for our Canadian readers, but worth checking out if you're feeling moved to act. And you might well be after hearing the case they make against EM