Page van der Linden

Among many other things, Page is one of the Contributing Editors for, where her byline is “Plutonium Page”.

Page was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1969. Some of her earliest memories include learning the words to Malvina Reynolds’ “Rain Song”, hiking in the Sandia Mountains, and becoming very aware about humans’ impact on nature. You could say that she grew up an environmentalist, with a keen and critical eye for government and corporate spin regarding conservation issues.

She has had first-hand experience witnessing the environmental cost of the Cold War; part of her undergraduate Bachelor of Sciences work in Chemistry at Colorado State University was spent as an intern working with nuclear waste at the massively contaminated Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State.

Regardless of her time spent as a professional chemistry nerd, the twists and turns of her life have always lead back to “bearing witness” to environmental issues. She has lived in Amsterdam (Netherlands) since 2005, and has been a volunteer and activist for both Greenpeace Netherlands and Greenpeace International. She is moving back to New Mexico in mid-April 2008, where she will continue her environmental activism.