Peter Sinclair Talks Climate Crock Live on Climate TV tonight

You might have noticed that I really like this new Climate TV platform.

Tonight Climate TV will have its weekly show with the creator of the famous Climate Crock of the Week videos, Peter Sinclair.

If you tune in live you can chat with Peter and ask him questions, weigh in with your two cents etc.

He will be live here on Climate TV tonight (April 8th) at 6pm pacific (9pm eastern).

UPDATE: here’s the archive of Peter Sinclair’s Show on Climate TV from tonight.


is going to feature on Peter Sinclair’s up-coming ‘Climate Crock’ video.

I have written down my guess and locked the paper in a draw. Will I be correct? Its a tough call but I think my candidate sticks out by a statute mile.

Well it looks like my guess, locked away in a drawer, was correct if what has just popped up at Deltoid is the promised. There was a small hint as to my choice in my last post.