Population growth cited as key driver of climate change

Wed, 2007-04-18 12:24Bill Miller
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Population growth cited as key driver of climate change

Ric Oberlink, spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, said although global warming is very serious, it is a “subset” of the overpopulation problem: “If we had half as many people, we wouldn’t have much of a climatic warming problem.”

Many have noted America’s disproportionate impact on greenhouse emissions and rightly called for cutbacks, Oberlink told Cybercast News Service , but it's hypocritical to say Americans consume too much, and then say it doesn't matter how many Americans there are.

Oberlink criticized environmental groups for not addressing population growth: “It's easier to single out targets like Big Oil and Big Detroit instead of calling for changes in personal behavior or taking on a tough issue like population growth with its concomitant connection to volatile issues like immigration or access to birth control.”

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This post mirrors what I wrote a couple of weeks back. It’s good to see that people are beginning to take this issue seriously. The result of doing nothing - what you might call Babies as Usual - will be dire.

Bry Lynas

It’s the Planet, Stupid! blog

Quite right that it’s taboo, and that if that keeps up the results will be dire. I think we need to call environmental groups and writers out on that. The strategy of staying mum on the population topic is a terrible one.

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