Prairie Sun Setting on Tory Climate Policies

The Winnipeg Sun, not generally a bastion of prairie liberalism, has penned this remarkably articulate editorial speculating that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's internationally embarrassing global warming position could be the issue that drives his party from power.

Or, he could just change his position ….


“Canada is my family. I love them, I don’t love them. After they looked like fools at the Bali summit, from now on when I go out with them, I’ll pretend I don’t know who these people are.” ~HEATHER MALLICK~

The US alienated itself from the rest of the world over its leaders’ views and actions in Iraq.

Canada stands to do the same thing over our leaders’ views and INaction on climate change.

The sad truth is that with a little prudence, co-operation and acknowledgment of the truth, both could be have been avoided.

The most dangerous thing is the legacy these ‘leaders’ have left for future generations - polarity, conflict, fear, hatred and isolation.

Time to put the ‘being’ back into human being.