Proud Bush celebrates U.S. as "world's biggest polluter"

In a final demonstration that the entire Bush presidency has been a fraternity prank that got out of hand, the U.S. President left the G8 meeting today shouting the words, “Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter,” and pumping his fist.

Short of announcing publicly how much his “blind trust” has earned from oil-related activity during the last eight years, it would be hard to imagine a clearer statement on why George W. has done less than nothing about climate change. He actually thinks this is funny.


It is kind of funny in a sad way.
Mass hysteria.
Calling plant food polution.
Pretending we can alter the climate.
Green taxes.

Like a bad cartoon in many ways.

it is like a bad cartoon in many ways, with ignorant deniers and deliberate obfuscators as the animators.

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>Fern Mackenzie

I guess he was just waiting for a way to top his aping of Nero after Katrina with that cake on Senator McSame’s birthday and playing a guitar while over 1000 people died in the Gulf States in the aftermath of the storm. Future generations are going to have a hard time believing this clown ever ruled something like the United States. I guess George never left that frat house at Yale.

Show us the money.

I’m still hoping you can make a constructive case for something instead of just spamming the blog all the time. I promise to read whatever you put together, if it bears any resemblance to a coherent case.

I’m sorry that your last attempt, which was to reiterate headlines from a few weblines here and there, was kind of, well, devestatingly unconvincing.

Please Gary: make a try for a thought-provoking post. If you can’t manage it, I’m sure there are other places where you can participate in your 2 minutes of hate. Apologies to Orwell.

As for Bush, well his contempt seems comparable to Gary’s/ZOG’s/Singer’s/blah, blah. My US colleagues sometimes think scientists in other countries view their government as hypocritical. I don’t think they are hypocritical at all: they don’t even claim to be doing the right thing. Bush epitomizes this worryingly well. Still. You’d think he might have learned something, but I guess this is what happens when you construct a reality bubble and then move into it and close the blinds.


It is disturbing to think that the most powerful leader in the World can find such an important issue funny.

Frankly, I find it disgraceful and disheartening. I can only hope that new leadership brings some positive, future thinking on this problem.


And I find it funny that you find his goofy quip disheartening. Lighten up, AGW is a joke anyway.