Radical right attacks Arizona senator as “loony” and an “environmental extremist” over global warming

In summarizing what has become the conventional wisdom, McCain said “I would assess this administration’s record on global warming as terrible. And I have held hearings when I was chairman of the Commerce Committee for years and got no cooperation from the administration on this issue whatsoever.”

McCain quickly came under attack. The former director of the Republican Party in California, where the senator made his comments, accused him of “embracing environmental extremism. A blog site said he had taken sides with “the loony left.”

Global warming, however, is not a partisan issue. A recent poll taken among conservatives in South Carolina indicates 56 percent believe global warming is happening. Consensus on the issue is building, leaving only the fringe right in its wake.


Just recently on your pages there was a breakdown of representatives or senators with respect to their stands on AGW, and whereas regular folks of both party affiliations may ‘get it’, it was clear that the ‘reality gap’ between the elected officials in each party had actually widened in the last few years.

Here's the poll. Only 13% of republicans currently believe global warming is caused by humans. This compared to 95% of democrats. An issue cannot get much more polarized than that. Sadly.

However, it is encouraging that 86 of the most prominent evangelical Christian ministers have taken on the cause of fighting climate change.



Hopefully they can reach the many tens of percent of Americans who describe themselves as evangelicals and become a force for great change in the Republican Party. This is no issue for politicisation. We must all fight as one, not in segments.

I was saddened to see the kind of material still hosted on the website of the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works website at http://epw.senate.gov/pressitem.cfm?party=rep&id=264777 which was a press release by the PR staffer for Sen. Inhofe when he chaired the committee under the Republican majority (hence the label “majority” press release). The page runs through the whole tired litany of denial shibboleths. Sen. Inhofe continues to post all this on the minority page now that the balance of power has shifted, with a new focus on calling anyone in favor of action of any sort “alarmist.” *sigh*

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