Reams of Research, Ignored by The American Daily, Contradict Lindzen's Denial

“To understand the whole global warming debate you have to understand that it is not about any dramatic warming of the Earth. The Earth has been warming since the end of the last Ice Age with time out for some mini-Ice Age episodes,” according to professional skeptic Richard Lindzen, whose assertions formed the basis of a recent piece in The American Daily.

The assertion is contradicted by more than a few facts: 

* Not only is the pace of warming accelerating, according to scientists, it is on a “fast track” to serious heating, according to a paper presented recently to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. In fact, four million years ago, with the same amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet was 3* C warmer and sea levels were 25 meters higher.

* Scientists now forecase more frequent and intense heatwaves, they are also recording marked changes in the timing of the seasons.

* Scientists also note that the rise in greenhouse gases is unprecedented in the last 800,000 years  and that methane, the most powerful heat-trapping gas, is escaping five time more quickly than previously thought.

To put it in perspective, Sir David King, Britain's Chief Scientist, has said that a 3*C increase is virtually inevitable.  That increase, according to researchers, will indeed be catastrophic.  


Where to begin, at my begginging.  The 1960 Population controlers attributed all sorts of statistical information on Starvation data to the United Nations.  A Dr Robert SASSONE in his book “Hanbook On Population”.  In an interview of the UN FAO Information Officer Dr Jay LEVY (1978 PH# 202-634-6215) stated ”We don’t have any estimates of deaths due to starvation nor have we ever issued any estimates on this in the past, nor do I know of any agency ……………”  DR. SASSONE’s book went on to debunk a bunch of other widely held views on shortages of Food, land and minerals . I also spoke with Dr.LEVY.

 Fast forward a little bit to the late 80’s and the “90% of the worlds oxygen coming from Rain Foerests”.  A memeory of a Jacque COSTEAU program dealing with “Oil Spills” and my trusty 15th edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica stated that “90% of the Worlds Oxygen came from the Worlds Oceans”. 

OZONE is manufactured by Sunlight, thickest at the equator thinnest at the Poles.  The South Pole, because of the earths tilt in relation to the Sun, receives less Sunlight than anyother place, so its ozone layer is naturally thinner. The recent increase in the hole, which probably was very big in the dark days of a South Pole June winter was attributed to “Colder Temperatures”. In August of 1883 KRAKATAU Volcano exploded reportedly sending a sound wave around the world 7 times and blocked the Sunlight of the South Pole for 5 years.

 A visit in 1996 to Fotress LOUISBURG (Cape Breton Island) my family was told that a 17th Century access road was under 1 metre of water because of Melting Glaciers.  I left a note questioning the premise and recieved a letter from the resident Archaeologists with  an article from”The Geological Survey of Canada” varifying that my comment ”The Road is under water was due to Continental Drift”. (Europe and North America are still moving apart causing a streching and a sinking of shorlines like Bar Hrbour, at a rate of 1 foot per hundred years).

Greenland melting: In 1992 aircraft enthisiasts located a 1942 Flight of 8 American aircraft that were forced to land, in bad weather, onto the Greenland ice cap.  The aircraft were found under 260 feet of ice, one was recovered, rebuilt and flies.(WWW. Lost Squadron or Glacier Girl).

Three Mile Island: The Environmentalists made all kinds of exaggerations about Three Mile Island which the Media echoed ignoring the fact that most that any Human was exposed to was the equivalent of one X-Ray.

In other words this is not the first time that the Chicken Littles of the World wanted everybody to do it thier way and when questioned, claimed its so obvious, it wasn’t then and it is definitely is not now.