The Rear Guard: 1,100 Lobbyists Wait to Block Copenhagen Success

Thanks to the consistently brilliant work of the Center for Public Integrity, there is now an extensive online resource searchable for all the special interest groups and companies lobbying Congress on climate change (and on other issues).

The database is searchable by lobbyist, sector, time frame, or money (you can type in a dollar amount and find lobbying expenses at that amount or higher).

These are the people who will work to sabotage any reasonable agreement that happens (against the odds?) to emerge from this negotiation. Inspired by the deniersphere (which will argue that no action is necessary) and funded by fossil fuel industries that must, by necessity, roll back their businesses if the world is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they will be determined to stop the U.S. from implementing any commitments that are made here this week.

Now, at least, we can know who they are.


It won’t just be these corporations who will lobby the government to reject Copenhagen. So too will the provinces. They stand to lose billions in taxes and job losses. The push back has already started and could lead to major constitution and unity issues.

Richard, I guess you are happy that you do not work for one of those companies that will be affected. It’s easy to tell others to lose their jobs when yours is so secure.

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