The Right Wing Attack Machine Behind the Van Jones Affair

You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that Glenn Beck wasn’t the mastermind behind the campaign to remove Van Jones from his position as a special advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality… that would be giving Beck way too much credit.

Turns out that the attack was orchestrated by a fringe group of free-marketeers called the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) who describe themselves as “grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels.” You can read a complete backgrounder on AFP here. It suffices to say they get a lot of money from some of the biggest players in the right-wing attack machine.

It will also come as no surprise that AFP is also behind much of the healthcare reform townhall shenanigans

On Fox News forum AFP’s director of policy, Phil Kerpen brags about how his organization brought down Van Jones:

“I spent the next two weeks researching everything I could find about Jones and the Apollo Alliance (much of which is still to be published, including a forthcoming paper from the Capital Research Center next month), the national umbrella organization for coordinating between the environmentalists, the labor unions, and the social justice street organizers that Jones has served as a board member and a primary national spokesman for.”

This was all then fed to Glenn Beck who gleefully took it to town and hammered away on Van Jones. No kidding, Beck is bent on bringing this administration to its knees and rallying the right-wing fringe players to follow suit. And it won’t stop here, the likes of Kerpen and AFP have found their rallying cry: “Don’t argue clean energy, but instead paint Obama’s policies as a socialist/communist plot to control America.”

To quote Kerpen’s Fox Forum article:

“There was so much material there, but what really stood out is what I used the next day on F&F: the “green jobs” concept was merely a new face on the old ideology of central economic planning and control, an alternative and a threat to free market capitalism.”


“Please share with Glenn this article about green jobs czar Van Jones, a self-described communist who was radicalized in jail. Confirms “watermelon” hypothesis.”  (I was referring to an explanation we had offered on his show of the cap-and-trade bill as a “watermelon,” green on the outside but Communist red to the core.)”

I hate to echo Kerpen’s overheated rhetoric but he’s showed us his hand and we now know where the attack is coming from. We also know that their strategy moving forward will be to frame green jobs and the clean energy bill as a radical socialist plot. So the question is, what do we do about it?

I have my ideas, but I would love to hear yours.



Van Jones was not head of the Council on Environmental Quality, that post is occupied by Nancy Sutley. Mr. Jones was appointed back in March as “Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation”at CEQ. The founder of Daily Kos posted an excellent editorial yesterday, one that can help set the tone for the question of what to do about the bloodthirsty right wing nuts, who now have their cross hairs set on John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, and Carol Browner. President Obama needs to tell them to stand down, and say “enough is enough.”

Midday open thread
by kos
Tue Sep 08, 2009 at 03:03:51 PM EDT

It would be nice if the White House learned….that they can’t negotiate with terrorists ….

theres nothing Beck would like more than for Obama to say “Stand down - enough is enough”

Beck would love, love , love to be some kind of free speech martyr.

Beck as a “free speech martyr” is about as likely as the 15th Century Catholic Church being a leader in science. It makes no sense! Beck was one of the first to shout down anyone who criticized Bush during his presidency. Now, Beck is one of the first to shout down Obama during his presidency. Beck is one of the least evenhanded people on the planet, comparable to a Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (or more appropriately, Ayatollah Khameini), even if they don’t share the same views.

Glenn Beck is about the lowest it gets for journalistic integrity.

This is the same Phil Kerpen who called Obama’s cap-and-trade energy reform legislation (Waxman-Markey) a watermelon; “green on the outside but Communist red to the core.” Having lived through the voter reform of the 1960s, I was particularly annoyed by the reference to “watermelons” in conjunction with our first African-American president, and can only hope even Karpen wouldn’t stoop that low.

The need by members of a political party to take shots at the other. I get it, but aren’t there more important things for us to be talking about right now? Health care for one? Climate change? The national debt?

Have a look at this column in the Guardian. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better! Fern

And Hillary Clinton thought the right wing conspiracy was vast! Much bigger now.
Beck was happy as a lark to find a black guy to go after. Tit for tat after the Color of Change led the revolt that caused most of Beck advertisers to ditch him. Not that he hadnt been playing to the veiled racists already.
Last I knew Verizon is still advertising on Beck. I may change my subscription. Ive to much going on upgrading “comfuters” to deal with a new phone.

P.S. What is the matter with your apostrophe? I cant figure what kind of a flaw would disable it!

Are you serious Paul s? Youve been lurking here all this time and youve totally missed all the discussions of funding from mysterious sources for sleazy old “scientists” to deny that anthropomorphic global warming exists?
Try reading “Climate Coverup” by James Hoggan (see above right hand corner). I havent read it yet but Ive a hunch that describes a web of conspiracy.
(I dont know author)
“Paranoia: suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification”

There is ample evidence of conspiracy: who pays Marc Morano a huge salary for his web site? Who?

Where do you get all the nonsense you dump on this site from? Make it up out of your head? Why do you do it? Do you get paid for this?

There is no evidence of any conspiracy GLS. Chasing ghosts and shadows and proclaiming that as “evidence” isn’t sufficient. And absent real evidence, paranoia takes over to invent it.

probably all started from the contested 2000 election - from that point on, anti Bush sentiment was looking for something to get nutty about - then the nuttiness bit back.

LOL. I had forgotten about the “stolen” 2000 election. And the “stolen” 2004 election. Those are real patriots who cry foul every time and even accuse the Supreme Court of being in the fraud.

Funny thing is, the only one ever charged with fraudulent behaviour in recent elections has been ACORN.

The ironies never cease. :)

Look at the articles on this site. Duh.

or check the indirect funding supplied to front groups denying global warming by one company, Exxon. (Exxon promised to stop its funding of lies about global warming as of last year.)

again I ask: why do you post these negative, unsubstantiate comments?

Ahh yes. The Exxon strawman again. Unable to persuade the general public of the righteousness of their cause, warmists construct the fake bogeyman, Exxon, to explain their democratic failure.

You very conveniently skipped answering a direct question and went instead to an accusation about good researchers unfairly abusing poor Exxon. Call it a straw man if you like, but Greenpeace (and now everyone else) has documentary of a specific effort to poison the debate. But back to the point: are you up to answering the question or not?

Good Lord! Van Jones is a “911 Truther”. Need one say more? That is why he was so unceramoniously dumped by Obama.

Blaming his job loss on some shadowy right wing conspiracy is ridiculous. It is Van Jones who is the author of his misfortune.

“911 was an inside job”

at least thats what the sticker says on the back of the stop sign - doubtlessly posted by some brave individual under cover of night.

that sentiment needs to be either fully investigated or absolutely condemned. Too many political types on the left want to go down a middle road. They want to whisper that the Bush administration was evil enough to do that but they don’t really want to deal with it openly for fear of offending. It’s cowardly.

Ma’am, Exxon funds global warming advocates as well. In fact, the funding your cause receives is massive compared to the funding global warming skeptics receive. You have no point.