Rightwing Site Now NRSP Central

The tireless Tom Harris, executive director of the NRSP (Not Really Science People), has discovered the right-wingy Alberta website Free Dominion, “The Voice of Principled Conservatism.” Harris popped up on FD a week ago, pleading for $10 donations that might help him argue that his mysteriously funded astroturf group is actually a grassroots organization with wide public support.

Now, he's back prodding the radical right to challenge Stephane Dion on his climate change position when he appears at town hall meetings in Edmonton and Calgary on Thursday and Friday of this week (Jan. 11 and 12, 2007).

I'll leave it to the new Liberal leader to defend himself on climate change. Anyone with a dog named Kyoto who has the nerve to call a public meetings in Edmonton and Calgary must know the kind of questions he's likely to face.

But you'll notice that Harris is booking no Question and Answer sessions, no opportunities to ask, again, who's paying him to pretend that he's a practicing engineer and environmental activist and not a PR guy working full-time to convince the public that - all evidence to the contrary - climate change isn't happening.

Show us your financials, Tom. Then we weigh more intelligently your enthusiasm for the gaseous status quo.


A new thread on FD about this post http://www.freedominion.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=73474&start=0 ramping it up. I guess the phrase “climate change alarmist” is their newest attack strategy. Harris quotes Tim Ball: “…The identities of our supporters are strictly confidential to protect the privacy of Canadians who have been generous enough to help us out. No one wants the sort of attacks we have had to endure from extremists since launching in October, so naturally the names of those who donate to NRSP are not publicized. The research scientists who assist us are funded by the taxpayer through such agencies as UNESCO, NSREC and CFCAS. Their research, much of which contests the point of view being promulgated by groups such as the SLDF, is being done and papers published entirely independent of, and long preceding, the existence of NRSP. We merely publicize the results of this work, something I am not surprised to hear ‘shocks’ the groups who stand to gain from today’s hysteria…” Have they in fact published any scientific research? Was any of it peer reviewed? How much of it is a warping of what the scientists actually said? Of course Free Dominion is fertile ground for NRSP, being packed full of people who think that creationism is science and that the massive evidence for global climate change is a socialist plot. Religious fundmentalist extremists.

I think we'l do something with this. Much appreciated. Keep sending those tips! We are getting so many everyday, it is hard to keep up!

- Kevin