Schwarzenegger orders 10 per cent cut in carbon emissions

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he will tell regulators to require the state’s petroleum refiners and gasoline sellers to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 10 per cent and to have the cuts completed by 2020.

The order is one of the first examples of a state or national government regulating fuel in passenger vehicles as part of a strategy not only to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change but also dependence on foreign oil, according to The New York Times.

“Our country has been dependent on foreign oil for too long,” Schwarzenegger said. “I ask you to set to motion the means to free ourselves from oil and from OPEC. I ask you to encourage the free market to overthrow the old order. California has the muscle to bring about such change. I say use it.”


Kudos to the Terminator. Can you imagine Canada’s Prime Minister, or for that matter the Premier of Alberta, taking such progressive action? Can you imagine the even stronger economic powerhouse that California is going to become as a result of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s demand that industry step up to the plate? Canada’s PM and CEOs: Where are you?

It shouldn’t be lost that Arnie’s also a Republican – proves you can appeal to the right wing and be environmentally progressive. Come on Bush, jump in, the water’s fine!

Of course it should be noted that when you’re married to Maria Shriver, and dining at Uncle Kennedy’s place, you’re probably not the rightest of right wing Republicans. Remember, Arnie is also the guy that came back in strong support of stem cell research when President Bush decided not to support it. Likewise, when it comes to most social policies Arnold is fairly centrist - which you have to be in order to get elected in California. Very much a bi-partisan Republican.