Sen. Inhofe's sad spin on CNN

Here's the YouTube clip of Sen. James Inhofe on CNN trying to defend his fringe science views with host Miles O'Brien. DeSmog readers will know that Inhofe has been on a recent tear with his “global warming is a hoax” message, and CNN's O'Brien hit back hard. O'Brien even has a clip of one of Inhofe's own Republican colleagues, Rep. Christopher Shays stating: “we have seen too much documentation to know that the world is getting warmer, we know that the ice shelves are melting and for him [Inhofe] to say otherwise just is like putting a bag over his head and not seeing it.”

One thing, about Inhofe you have to love is his ability to come up with outrageous sound bites. Check out the beginning of this clip where Inhofe states: “You [CNN's O'Brien] always smile, so many of these extermists out there, they're mad all the time, but you're not, you smile. In fact when you were cutting my guts out for two minutes last week, you smiled all the way through and I appreciate that.” With that quote, Inhofe has gone from simply being a Flat Earther, to just downright creepy.

O'Brien does a great job debunking Inhofe, just has to stay away from arguing the science and creating the appearance of a scientific debate, when there isn't.


He references harvard-smithsonian….

That paper was written by Soon, Baliunas, Idso & Idso.  It had horribly flawed methodology.  The paper was so flawed and the situation was such a mess that after it got published 1/2 the editorial board (including the Chief editor) at Climate Research quit their jobs.  Needless to say it didn’t take long for the paper to become debunked via other papers in other journals.  I hate going ad hominem but all of those people have ties to Exxon funded institutes.  It seems like the trend never ends.

Inhofe is referencing phoney research.

I think being critical of the individual making the argument, when that argument is tied to their character (i.e. willing to say whatever their funders want them to say) is not ad hominem, but fair game. Baliunas and Soon’s argument’s are not valid in the first place, so arguing them is pointless. The best offense against these guys is to expose them for the industry flacks they are.