Send some Christmas cheer, kind of

With more news out today that ski hills are snowless and people are golfing in Toronto, Canada, send a little Christmas cheer to your friends with a “Save White Winters ” Christmas card from the folks at



After more than 40 years of skiing, I have come to realize that the North American East and the West can have very different conditions. I am sorry that this is one of the seasons when the East is suffering with bad snow. I used to live in the East and I’ve skied in Ontario, Quebec, and every eastern US state from North Carolina to Maine. I remember many poor eastern ski seasons over the past 40 years.

The conditions are great out West. From this morning:
Whistler 230 cm
Kirkwood 33-37 in
A Basin 38 in
Breckinridge 55 - 65 in
Wolf Creek 71 - 74 in
Snowbird 50 in
Bachelor 55 - 65 in

Thanks for the snow report. There's also no snow in the Alps this year.

I actually have the pleasure of having a cabin on ski mountain and while there is a lot of snow this winter, which I will be speeding down in a matter of days, we had our first water shortage ever recorded at the mountain this summer.

Actually, more to the point, there was no water. Never happened before and the mounatin has been in operation since the 1960's. WIll be interesting to see how the lack of snow in the Alps this winter translates into water shortages in the spring/summer.

In the meantime Brooks, enjoy the snow and thanks for all of your input on our site.