Sex, Drugs, Oil and U.S. Government

A group of U.S. bureaucrats who collected billions of dollars in royalties from energy companies operated in a culture so bereft of ethics they regularly consumed cocaine and marijuana at industry gatherings, had sexual relations with oil company representatives and routinely received gifts from energy firms, including divisions of Chevron Corp., Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP, according to an internal investigation.

And thanks to the Globe and Mail there's more.


Corrupt bureaucrats engaging in this kind of behavior is bad and criminal in fact. But I question why you put “US Government” in the headline. True, they work for the government, but the headline almost makes it sound like it’s government policy from higher up.

The Globe headline that you partially borrowed didn’t say “US Government”. I think they made a better choice.

To make a comparison, James Hansen is like a government employee as far as I know (working for NASA) SO he supports the idea of vandalizing power plants as a protest.

I suppose you could reach a little and say “US Government supports vandalism”

Gah, what’s wrong with a little vandalism? When compared with boiling the oceans, bombing Iran, and having harems right inside government offices, you’ll see that vandalism is just …

… pennies. :-B

Drill baby drill! Drill deep! Drill hard! …

I get it. 99.9999% of oil company employees and government workers in the oil and gas industry are ethical and honest, but because 12 bad apples were discovered, the WHOLE industry is corrupt.

And using marijuana makes one “befeft of ethics”?? :O

Yeah, it’s only “12 bad apples” who just unfortunately happen to be high-ranking officials, eh? The guy in charge cleaning toilets is perfectly ethical and honest, so everything’s OK.


About the general moral values and ethics of AGW cultists.

I had thought they may have been honest people with a missguided faith problem.
Guess I was mistaken.



I’m with Gary on this one - just because they work for big oil and the government doesn’t mean they can’t be AGW cultists too. Hey all sorts of people are on that side!



Take Al for instance, He’s the King of the cult and yet he’s flying big private jets ALL THE TIME and riding in huge personal yachts and living in several large homes. It’s like when all the warmists flew from New York to Bali in private jets to have a big warmest cult party. HUGE CONTRADICTION. Of course I can’t know that these oil execs and gov bureaucrats are AGW folks too. But the pure contradiction of it all would not be unprecedented.

Gore does not own private jets, or even a private jet.

Yeah, I know, the very idea of “fact-checking” smacks of arrogant elitism. The notion that facts actually matter is just a huge Inquisitorial hoax concocted by the evil cloistered Academia Factorum. Down with facts!


yeah Al is a paragon of virtue. The big boat, the houses, the unbelievable flying miles are all made up. He lives is a grass shack next to Obama’s brother in Kenya. I guess we smeared him real good with all this made up stuff about him being a CO2 machine.

Goalpost shifting. Yeah, how very maverick!

Maverick, I say!


To get the full measure of the depravity of these dirtbags hustling drugs, booze, sex and dollars while performing their public service link to the following IG report sent to the Dept of Interior Secretary:

Read about the scumbag, Smith on page 25.

John McCormick