Skeptics Blame it All On The Pols! More than 2,000 Scientists Must Feel Slighted!

Strange how Al Gore and Bill Clinton are blamed for scientific forecasts.  The skeptics have to twist themselves out of shape to ignore the findings of more than 2,000 scientists from 100 countries who have agreed since 1995 that weather extremes are the first marker of early-stage global warming!

The rightwing program “Scarborough Country,” a recent dialogue between host Joe Scarborough and professional contrarian John Stossel included  the following dialogue:

 Scarborough: “…for Al Gore and Bill Clinton to say it`s causing flooding and causing hurricanes and it may have caused Hurricane Katrina, that`s just ridiculous, isn`t it. There is no proof of that, is there?”

Stossel: “No. And the serious scientists scoff at that. The warmer water can encourage hurricanes, but they run in cycles. But the alarmists always want you to think it`s man`s fault so you will turn your life over to them and they can tell you what to do.”